The Hemingway Solution

The Hemingway Solution


"The Hemingway Solution are doing really interesting things that goes against the normal dreg of the majority of rock bands in Toronto. Well written rock songs with killer hooks." ~ Darrin Pfiefer (drummer of Goldfinger and 102.1 FM announcer)


Born and raised in Mississauga, we have come a long way in the four years we have been playing together. Armed with our debut EP, we have been fortuneate enough to travel across North America doing what we love most, and have enjoyed playing such notable places as: the Opera House and Lee's Palace (Toronto), the Note (Chicago), Room 5 (Los Angeles), CBGB's (New York) as well as appearing the last two years at the North by NorthEast Music Festival in Toronto. The Hemingway Solution have garnered airplay from campus radio, SIRIUS Satellite, as well as Toronto’s major rock station CFNY 102.1FM.

For us three friends/brothers, taking risks and finding help along the way has always been a part of our journey. This was never more evident than on that one day when we ran out of gas with depleted funds in Twin Falls, Idaho without any idea of how we would get home. There we were, unannounced and desperate, as we walked into an Idahoan coffee shop. After getting the attention of all its patrons, we explained our dilemma of being stranded in an unknown town. “Would anyone like to purchase our album in exchange for gas money?” we pleaded. A painful silence followed... and then, suddenly, the bartender who had been leaning nonchalantly, arms crossed against the counter, proclaimed “Sure. Ill take one”. And then, incredibly, the previously peaceful coffee shop erupted into a frenzy of people thrusting money into our hands, allowing us to sell enough CD’s to get home.

For The Hemingway Solution, it’s all just another challenge; “good under the gun” as we like to say. Self proclaimed as the ‘world’s smartest idiots’, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Today's Special

Written By: The Hemingway Solution

hide your love inside my hopes that keep changing on you
everyone watches their step for the sake of you
keeping your cool
keeping your cool
and i'm exactly like you.


since you have all the answers here's
1 2 3 4 million questions i'll save for when
you never listen
talk to us undercover here's
1 2 3 4 million answers and here's another
just shut up

you make me wish i die younger than you
just so you can find some time to think about
everything you never did for this family
and i'm exactly like you


do you think you're the only
if you think you're the only

who cares as much
as you claim you say you do


That 60's Pop Tune

Written By: The Hemingway Solution

hey babe ain't it wonderful
the way we always play the fool
you're the left and i'm the wrong
come on and wait until you're sure.

uh-oh i read it in this book
there's no way to be sure
we'll have to wait and see
if that's okay with whomever it is i'll be happy for you

with intent for someone else
why wait for the moment to
come to you when all you have to do
is find out for yourself

i'm a little left of normal while your heart is perfect

Meat On The Beach

Written By: G. Niculescu, D. Guthrie, P. Niculescu

It's 29 degrees outside in the morning as you fade away
Drunk on my feet it gives me the warning that the words are on their way
And everything that I walked away from leaves me wanting you
But I’m too tired to swim in the ocean with a body like you

And everything I want to remember
Slowly fades away
And all I’m left with is December and this picture of your face
Here hanging on my wall, its keeping out the cold
Why do we always hang up in these moments instead of letting go?

Take a moment and realize all the love we’ve failed inside
Take a moment and photograph your mind
Take a moment and realize all the love we’ve failed inside
And how I wished that I changed my life for you

Well it’s three o-clock in the morning and there’s nothng left to say
From six degrees to uncertainty what else can we face
As I struggle to remember the reasons why you’re gone
It’s the ideal in this notion we seem to linger on

It’s who we are alone

Have you clued in its not there?
Have you clued in its not there?
Have you clued in its not there?
Have you clued in its not fair?


Life Sold Separately - EP (2005)
recorded at gas station studios (Toronto)
produced and engineered by Damon de Szegheo

Set List

this is why I hate rules
Today's Special
That 60's Pop Tune
Meat on the Beach
Bleeding Heart Massacre
Wind up Toy