The Hemi's

The Hemi's


Authentic Rock & Roll, Stripped down to increase the power to weight ratio- providing more horsepower than the average rock fan can handle.


Hatched from a drunken roof-top diatribe on the need to strip Rock & Roll back down to it's roots and beginnings- long before todays genres and sub-genres; when Rock was Bad music for Bad people, when artists wrote songs about chicks, chicks and nothin' but chicks...


Authentic Vol. 1

Set List

Usually a dozen songs at an average of 2 min. 50 sec. We have 18 original songs to choose from (enough for 2 sets) including: Come-on Jane,Dogs Will Roam, Likorice Libertine, 40 Creek,I Like That, Wanderin', #6, Eulogy,Gettin' Out, Yankee Jim, Underpants,Pissed Drunk and Pregnant, A Big Part, Sun, She was my Baby, Banana Juice, Go Down, Bahrain.