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The best kept secret in music


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"Birdman & (The) Squid", CD/LP, Double Helix Records, 2005, Produced by David Newton (The Mighty Lemon Drops)

UPCOMING: The HCP will be recording their CD/LP follow-up to "Birdman & (The) Squid" at Portland, Oregon's Jackpot! Recording Studios and Montreal, Quebec's hotel2tango with producers Howard Bilerman (The Arcade Fire) and Colin Stewart (Pretty Girls Make Graves) in August/September 2006



Feeling a bit camera shy


Based on the type of well-honed socio-politically conscious breed of indie rock they craft, it may surprise most listeners to discover that The Henry Clay People don't hail from Canada; nor do they hail from anywhere remotely close to the Pacific Northwest.

In fact, The HCP come from a place that is often considered quite the opposite of these bastions of liberal thought and good musical taste--Yorba Linda, California. Yes, that Yorba Linda: Republican stronghold; the place where President Richard M. Nixon was born and buried; the place where peace, prosperity, and idealism are mocked by a populace which thrives on greed, avarice, and material wealth.

What shouldn't be surprising to HCP listeners, then, is that The HCP are seeking to further defy their cultural roots by recording the next showcasing of their music--music which seeks, through the consideration of historical events, to expose the hypocrisies of this world--at Jackpot! Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon, the studio which helped birth records by indie rock greats like Sleater-Kinney, Elliott Smith, and The Decemberists--artists who had something to say, and who said it well.

It should also come as no surprise that The HCP have chosen to work with two Canadian producers who are known for helping bands explore the full gamut of their musical creativity: Montreal's Howard Bilerman (The Arcade Fire, A Silver Mt. Zion, Godspeed You! Black Emperor) and Vancouver's Colin Stewart (Pretty Girls Make Graves, Destroyer, Frog Eyes).

It should also come as no surprise that, when it comes to mixing this album, The HCP should again turn a blind eye to Yorba Linda, and its neighbor, Hollywood, by turning to producer/engineer Brian Paulson in North Carolina, the man who has helped craft records by Slint, Superchunk, Beck, Archers of Loaf, and Wilco.

In short, The HCP is seeking to defy every expectation one might have of a band born and raised in Yorba Linda, California, by doing everything one might not expect.

Which, in turn, means that, when the HCP's next album is released in 2007, the world should expect the unexpected.

--Jeff Powell
Manager, The Henry Clay People



Q: Who is Henry Clay?
A: A 19th-century statesman and orator. He ran for president a few times but never won.

Q: Why are you called The Henry Clay People?
A: Why not? It’s better than just Clay People…or maybe it isn’t but we thought so at the moment. It was either The Henry Clay People or The Forgotten Presidency of Chester A. Arthur, but that was a bit wordy.

Q: Who are The Henry Clay People and why should I care? Who are your influences? What do the song titles mean? What are your future plans? Is Communism really dead? Do you have anything to say that hasn’t been said? Are you hot? Is your left-handed guitar player REALLY left handed or did he have a special surgery? Who is Vallejo by Knife? Will all the kids dance for you? Do you want to start a grunge rock cover band with me? Will we be able to buy your shirts at Hot Topic? Is the plural of “Birdman,” “Birdmen?” What happens when you die? I heard that two of you were brothers, which two of you? Do you like the Beatles? How tall is your bassist? If you had only one word that could explain your music what would it be?
A: Dry (that’s just for the last question).

--Joey Siara
Vocalist/Guitarist, The Henry Clay People


For more information, please contact:
Jeff Powell
909-615-4756 direct line