The Henry Clay People

The Henry Clay People


Loose and potentially fun guitar-driven rock and roll music from 4 California guys obsessed with The Replacements and Pavement. Our latest CD was produced and recorded by Howard Bilerman(Arcade Fire) and Colin Stewart(Black Mountain). A buzz has been forming around us in LA due to our live show/CD.


Andy and Joey are brothers. Eric and Joey have been in various bands over the past 11 years. This band has been together for about 5 years. Friendship and a love of music brought us together---no craigslist or classifieds postings.

We play constantly in LA, where the majority of the bands play a tame version of rock and roll, and where most of the bands look like they are Gap or American Apparel models. We are anything but this. None of us could come close to modeling and our form of 'rock and roll' is anything but tame. We have received numerous comparisons to the likes of The Replacements and Pavement due to our wild and sloppy yet poignant live shows.

Our music was strong enough to get Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Godspeed You! Black Emperor) and Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Destroyer) to agree to produce and record our latest full length album, "Blacklist the Kid with the Red Moustache," which we released in April of 2007 and is available to purchase on iTunes and We recorded half of it in Portland, OR at Jackpot Recording Studio (where such bands as The Decemberists, Pavement, and Elliot Smith have recorded) and the other half in Montreal, Canada at Hotel 2 Tango (where Arcade Fire recorded 'Funeral,' and such bands as Wolf Parade and British Sea Power have recorded). We funded the entire process ourselves---from travelling expenses to studio/producer fees to the final pressing of the CD.

We continue to play constantly all around California in venues both big (the Troubadour in LA) and small (Silver Lake hotspots "Spaceland" and "Silverlake Lounge"). Over 80 shows in the past 11 months...

We will be going back into the studio this fall to record our next full length.

We are currently unsigned.


"Blacklist the Kid with the Red Moustache" (2007)
"Birdman and the Squid" (2005)

Tracks from "Blacklist..." have received airplay on LA's famed INDIE 103.1, a number of various college radio stations and online radio stations, and some podcasts, including Mike Watt's "Watt from Pedro" podcast.

Set List

Our set list varies every night. We only occasionally write out a set list; and when we do write one out it is usually done 5 or 10 minutes before we play.

Our sets are usually 30-35 minutes, but there have been times we have played for 2 hours, because we have so many songs to pull from (we have recorded over 50 songs or so over the past 5 years, and we currently pull from 20 or so new and old ones to create an 8-10 song set).

We love to throw in a cover song (or 2...) depending on how long the set is. We cover everything from songs we truly love to songs we cover more as a joke (i.e. The Killers' "When You Were Young" and Tommy TuTone's "Jenny...867-5309"). Some covers we have played recently include, but are not limited to:

-"Who'll Stop the Rain"-Creedence Clearwater Revival"
-"The Crowd"-Operation Ivy
-"Out on the Weekend" and "Hey Hey My My"-Neil Young
-"Game of Pricks"-Guided By Voices
-"Summer Babe"-Pavement
-"Random Rules"-Silver Jews