The Henry Starrs

The Henry Starrs


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Written By: Justin Sardinha

I'm beat up,
and strung out,
like a soldier away from home,
a dog without it's bone,
and i'm out here all alone.

White lines
burn and smoke,
life's been feeling more,
like a joke,
i'm waiting for the punch,
to deliver it's line,
i'm waiting for the line,
to burn all it's white.

I need a place to park,
on this cold night,
it's getting dark,
and my shoes have holes,
but I'm getting around,
but never to the point.

Chorus x2

The clock's wearing thin,
and i just don't know,
where the hell I've been,
but I've been thinking hard,
I think I'll rid,
of everything hard,
the whites wearin thin.

Chorus x3