The Hero Cycle

The Hero Cycle


The Hero Cycle is influenced by Lovers, Rescues, Black Spring and Long Winters, Instruments, Melody and Oscillations, Dinosaur Jr and Air Hockey.


The Hero Cycle started in the Green Mountains of Vermont in 2005, combining the varied talents of drummer John Gorman, synthist Tom Kelly, and guitarists Mike Prall and Frank Smecker (ex-Drowningman and ex-Escapist). Soon after, the band quickly grew, including fellow Burlington residents Charlie Gerry (ex-Virga) on bass, and third guitarist Adam Fuller (The Year's Best). Other contributing musicians include Hannah Wall (Magogs) on keyboards and Shawn Flanagan (Fire the Cannons and ex-Starlight Conspiracy) on bass. Thus, The Hero Cycle's unique sound has been shaped by the eclectic mix of energy brought forth by each individual member.

The band's sound remains solid, despite the unique influences of the many members, and hopes to continue a successful trend of interesting and powerful performances as well as recordings. Bringing years of musical experience to the table, the project acts as a creative haven for everyone involved. The music demands attention. For members tired of touring with uninspiring bands, The Hero Cycle's collective approach provides an attractive freedom. For solo artists, the band's tight arrangements represent the orchestration of symphonic sounds. Overall, The Hero Cycle shares their musical tastes and influences of the 80's to current day and emotional attachments to vice and pleasure with a hopeful ever evolving crowd of music-lovers.


Lakes and Ponds EP -Hidden Shoal Recordings/Self Release 2007

Set List

Our set consists of 60-90 minutes of large sonic original tunes composed and written by The Hero Cycle