The Herrera Sisters

The Herrera Sisters


Sassy! Brassy! Flashy! English/Spanish recording artists. Country/Pop crossover, Blues and Old School. Classy, outstanding entertainment at it's best. Band or music tracks.


JAQUE LYNN & ELENA RENEE .... THE HERRERA SISTERS. This dynamic duo has become one of the hottest bilingual acts in the San Francisco Bay Area! Whether singing TEX-MEX, CUMBIAS, RANCHERAS, TEJANO, POP, COUNTRY or ROCK music, the "HERRERA SISTERS" can tear up any stage and make it SIZZLE! With JAQUE LYNN singing lead and ELENA RENEE adding her sweet blend of harmonies, the quality of their shows can't be matched.

JAQUE LYNN and ELENA RENEE have done major concert shows, opening for some of the Spanish Industries top artists. Being able to cross over to COUNTRY and POP has also been an asset for this duo.

Having done fairs and festivals has made them a favorite with audiences everywhere and they have been invited back time and again to do the CINCO DE MAYO and 16th OF SEPTEMBER MEXICAN FESTIVALS. Together they have done television and radio shows, fund raisers, benefits, weddings, tributes etc...
The burgeoning popularity of English and Spanish crossover music, has inspired Jaque Lynn and Elena Renee. Performing to crowds of literally 10,000 wildly enthusiastic fans, has shown the girls that their inspiration is well founded.

Their singing abilities are superb as well as their stage presence. Their crazy antics, dancing and flashiness make their shows exquisitely entertaining, exciting and fun. JAQUE LYNN and ELENA RENEE have won numerous competitions and are undefeatable as a duet. During shows they are backed by Bands, Mariachis or Tracks.

THE HERRERA SISTERS are currently working on gathering material to start a new recording project. It will be mixture of original music and some old favorites. Keep on the look out.
With their youth, energy, beauty and talent, several record labels are currently courting them for contracts. These are two young ladies who have got it all. They sing, they dance, they sparkle!! To see these two in action is a special miss them is a shame.


Set List

45 minute sets, 1 to 3 sets.

Covers include those by:
Jennifer Lopez
Gloria Estefan
Paulina Rubio
Donna Summer
Christina Aguilera