the HiBs

the HiBs


Kate and Jode Dowling play Irish Traditional Music with an intimacy and depth gained from over 12 years of playing together. Their combined passion for the music translates to powerful performances. Kate's whistle and flute interlaces with Jode's fiddle to create a sound unique to these artists.


In the 40 Acre Notch, on the west side just southeast of the city, there is a kitchen filled with the music of Kate and Jode Dowling. It is a place meant for sharing music with fellow musicians, dancers and discerning convivializers. The heart of the music springs from a relationship dating back to 1992, when Kate and Jode eyes first met across a smoky session. Since 2005, Kate and Jode have been performing as a duet or with an assortment of talented friends as the Hi B's.

Exponents of Irish traditional dance music, this couple were founding members of the Doon Ceili Band and other influential groups. They are respected teachers and founders of the Center for Irish Music in St Paul, an Irish music school that looks to hand down the tradition to the next generation of musicians.

Kate and Jode have learned their craft from countless influences and have played in kitchens from Munich to Cork to Tokyo to Belfast and back. Love for Irish dance music, for rhythmically inspiring music, is what shapes the Hi B's sound. That same energy will inspire both the dancer and listener within you!


McAuliffe's / Fasten the Leggin'

Written By: the HiBs

A set of 3 jigs, the first two from the playing of Nicky and Anne McAuliffe. The third is a more common traditional tune, and one of our favourites.


40 Acre Notch; released August 12, 2008.
The Doon Ceili Band: Around the World for Sport; Shanachie Records, 2006

Set List

A balanced variety of instrumental tunes, including jigs, reels and polkas. Jode and Kate also vary the selections with mazurkas, barndances, slides and other varieties of Irish dance music.