The Hide and Seek Effect

The Hide and Seek Effect

 Morgantown, West Virginia, USA


Hailing from the college town of Morgantown, West Virginia, The Hide and Seek Effect is a Piano-Pop/Rock experience comparable to a number of current Top 40 artists but most definitely unique enough to be considered something totally different – something entirely new.

With the recent release of its freshly recorded “Ready or Not EP”, The Hide and Seek Effect has been working nonstop to promote the six song collection that packs a powerful pop-rock punch. The catchy, ready for radio songs that make up “Ready or Not EP” are refreshing blends of captivating melodies and infectious hooks that will keep music lovers listening repeatedly for days. The EP’s noteworthy single “On Your Mind” has been extremely well received by the public, winning a Gold Auddy Award from and pushing The Hide and Seek Effect to the 1 slot on’s Pop-Rock chart.

When The Hide and Seek Effect formed in 2008, the members set forth on a mission – a mission that the group would be able to share its passion for music with anyone who was willing to listen. Since then, The Hide and Seek Effect has been featured as’s Band of the Week, as a noted band in the national publication Gladys Magazine’s “Next in Line” segment, as well as being a part of many other web sites geared at the promotion of great music. The Hide and Seek Effect has shared the stage with several well known artists including Lights Resolve (at Mr. Small’s Theatre in Millvale, PA) and Reel Big Fish (at the Déjà Vu Festival in Elkins, West Virginia).

Bands The Hide and Seek Effect has shared the stage with: Acadia, An Emergency Landing, The Cascade Atlantic, The Chodes, Cryptorchid Chipmunk, Erik Goes To Germany, First Bridge, Lights Resolve, Looking Down The Cross, Mambo Sauce, The Mosteller Brothers, Reel Big Fish, Quote, Willpowerless


Ready or Not EP - December 2009.
1. They'll Find Out
2. New Years
3. You Have Me
4. Walking For The Door
5. On Your Mind
6. Always

On Your Mind has received both online streaming and radio airplay on WVAQ-FM.

One Day - September 2008.
1. Intro
2. Left A Note
3. My Favorite Song
4. Song 68
5. Walking For The Door
6. Valentine's Day
7. Late Night Phone Calls
8. Burden
9. Falling Apart
10. In Your Eyes
11. Make It Right
12. Stranded
13. The Call
14. Going Down (Demo)

**One Day is no longer available for distribution; however, if requested, we can provide a copy of the CD.

Set List

Going Down
Left A Note
Walking For The Door
On Your Mind
The Call
Valentine's Day
They'll Find Out
My Favorite Song
Dance Song
Oh Celia
This Love (Cover)
New Years
Don't Go
You Have Me