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The best kept secret in music


"This says it all!!!"

Recipient Of A San Diego Music Award for Best Alt Country Band 2005

Nominated by The San Diego Music Awards Academy for Best Americana record 2006

End Of The Year 2006 Acaloads For The Hideaways

Jim Trageser Music Journalist for the Times has listed The Whiskey Tango Sessions in his top 10 best albums for 2006

DJ. George Backer from Country Special has "El Centro County Line" from The Whiskey Tango Sessions as # 8, in his top 50 best songs of 2006!

Alt Country Cooking have The Whiskey Tango Sessions as # 7, in their top 10 best records of 2006!!

Hans Hangraf & his American Music Radio Shows list The Whiskey Tango Sessions in his top 100 best records for 2006!!

Americana Music Belgium has listed The Hideaways "The Whiskey Tango Sessions" record in their top 100 albums of 2006!!

Bob Harris along with his country music show from The BBC have been systematically working through The Whiskey Tango Sessions record

Good news!! The Hideaways new record "The Whiskey Tango Sessions" came out, October 3rd on Big Bender and Den Records. The Hideaways are out of the gate and off and running..............

The Americana Music Association Airplay Chart has The Hideaways listed in the top 5 most added record to reporting stations play list, for the week of November 27th 2006

Charting at #18 on the European Americana Charts for November 2006, and #20 for the month of October 2006


Charting at # 20 on the FREEFORM AMERICAN ROOTS CHART with a bullet.


Charting at # 3 on Miles Of Music
for September, October & November 2006
In addition to

Neil Young has chosen the single “Society of Fear” to link to his
web site Living With War Today

Here is what some of the DJ's are saying about the new Hideaways record this week.
If country rock is still alive. here's proof from The
Hideaways new record “The Whiskey Tango Sessions”.
American Music Radio Shows
Hans Hangar

“What an added value for the Americana music that the Hideaways are no longer hidden.”
EL CENTRO COUNTY LINE is a masterpiece.
George Backer, Radio Beverwijk, Country Special

I love the Hideaways! This is great music, and I'll be playing a lot of the CD..."The Whiskey Tango Sessions" on my shows on Sat. nights. This is perfect Sat. night kick your ass music.
Mary Lou
WDVX 102.9

I really enjoy "The Whiskey Tango Sessions", it is an excellent album of great country-rock, with a very classic sound indeed, and in fact I immediately started playing it in my radio show.
Massimo Ferro

I want to thank you for the good music you sent me and that perfectly
fits my format. This Cd is a real pleasure both vocally and
instrumentally and for sure one of the best thing I have heard. .

The album "The Whiskey Tango Sessions" by The Hideaways is a breath of fresh air to Americana music.
Alan Potter

The Times writes:
It’s a tight, focused set, with its dozen tracks taking in country, country-rock and folk-rock. With arragements that provide plush-pile harmonies yet leave plenty of room for solos, the Hideaways and producer Tyler Macy have created a warm, clean sound. Each instrument, every singer comes through crystal clear.

With all three being stong vocalists, the contrast in voices provides a nice change of pace over the course of the album.

The songs themselves are attractive, melodic country and pop tunes. The musician-ship is top-flight; combine it all, and you’ve got one of the better countrified albums to come out .
Jim Trageser, The North County Times - September 28th, 2006

The Hideaways
The Whiskey Tango Sessions
by Craig Yerkes
You know those kinds of quirky, somewhat obtuse albums that have to grow on you over time, their appeal sneaking up on you only after quite a few listens? Okay, so this is not one of those albums. If you don't like this music immediately, you never will. This music aims squarely at our inner Peter Fonda and hits a serious bulls eye. Most of us, from time to time, like to picture ourselves driving alone on a desert highway, tobacco and alcoholic products of choice near at hand (maybe even an open container), wind in our hair (or what's left of our hair), no responsibilities (no Blackberry or cell phone), lo - Kick ass reviews


The Whiskey Tango Sessions,
Fresh Crop,
Whiskey Tango (Self Relesed)


Feeling a bit camera shy


A little Byrds, a little Jay Farrar, a little Jayhawks, a little bit of everything that folks call alt. country. Such as authentic (as opposed to ironic) twang. And clanging guitars within a two-step. I don't know why people refuse to call this "real" country music, but it is to me.

Good music is the key (I've typed that line a few thousand times in my life), and the Hideaways are exceptional.

On their debut breakthrough album, The Whiskey Tango Sessions, The Hideaways have created a melodic blend of rock'n roll and country music forged with years of seasoned experience. Separately these guys have worked with such impressive artists as Lucinda Williams, Rosi Flores, The Beat Farmers, Dusty Wakeman, Tony Sheridan, Peter Gordon, The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, and members of both The Johnny Cash Band and The Dwight Yoakam Band. Collectively, these guys are an incredibly tight four-piece band with three very talented, distinct singer songwriters whose songs combine to create a rich, complementary album that has a remarkable level of consistency. Recorded at "The Ranch" in El Cajon, CA, The Whiskey Tango Sessions is flavored with gorgeous pedal steel work and honest, heartfelt lyrics soaked in equal parts whiskey and integrity. They weave their tales of small towns, drinking, cheating, loving and leaving. The Hideaways style ranges from infectious pop ("Stranger's Heart") and raucous rockabilly ("Since You Said Goodbye") to bluesy ("If I Could Find A Way"). The band also brings Red Dirt flavor with a song about ranchers, señoritas, and dogs riding shotgun in an El Camino ("El Centro County Line"). Besides rockin' and a twangin', its clear The Hideaways also know the power of catchy hooks and warm harmonies. The Hideaways hail from San Diego, CA. Band members include Phillip Bensimon (vocals, bass), Rian Greene (vocals, guitar), Keith Haman (vocals, guitar), and Clint Osborn (drums). The Hideaways have been making waves around southern California for awhile, garnering recognition in the press and picking up nominations for multiple San Diego music awards, highlighted by winning best country in 2005 & nominated for best Americana album in 2006. With a ferocious live show that has created a devoted following of true believers, The Hideaways are known for making many a southwestern nights little bit hotter. Some of the artists The Hideaways have been fortunate enough to share the stage with include: The Drams, Tim O'Reagan (from the JayHawks), The Derailers, Asleep At The Wheel, The Damnations TX., The Flatlanders, Slobberbone, Dave Alvin, The Hacienda Brothers and many more.