The High 5s

The High 5s



Bio: The High 5's were concepted at a backyard party during the 2003 Mardi Gras. One year later, Ben, Patrick, and Joe began jamming at the Sigma Chi house on the St. Louis University campus, with the help of Hibernauts' drummer Brett Ramsey, and former Wesley Drive bass player Ryan Mueller. Later on, Ben's brother Nick Gathard was added to replace Ryan, and Jason Wagoner, took over for Brett. The core of the band was formed. Recently, Jason left the band to pursue a career in medical research, and his replacement was skater-boi and white-knuckled Dan Rapp. Dan has fit nicely into the band adding a little more bang to the band's sound. Also, since the conception of their new album, a new keyboard player was added. His name; Bear Capoccia. The 5's can be seen all around St. Louis, but usually have shows near and around the Soulard bar district. On October 6th, the band will be releasing their debut full-length album, and they hope to generate the same excitement throughout the music world, that they do at their concerts.


One Track Minds - LP (Release Date October 6th, 2007)

Set List

In no particular order

Porcelain Horse
The Heist
No Foul, No Harm
Cherry Stained Floors
Palm Tree Vacation
Lights Out
Middle Class

Our sets typically run anywhere from 35-60 minutes.