The High and Lonesome

The High and Lonesome


The High and Lonesome draw on rock and roll's heyday of the 1970s to create a modern, yet familiar take on rock and roll. The guitars spew catch licks, the vocals are smoky, the bass shakes the foundations and the drums are metronomic yet creative. This band IS rock and roll.


Assembled from two very different bands, The High and Lonesome came into being after the demise of Joplin, MO group 'The Strange' and San Diego, CA group 'Snakeoil Revival'. Combining the minimalist movement sounds of 'The Strange' with the psychedelic retro stylings of 'Snakeoil Revival' proved to actually create a new sound for a new band. Enter The High and Lonesome. 'The Strange' mainstays Jake Channel (vocals, guitar) and Josh Thompson (drums) joined forces with 'Snakeoil Revival' vocalist and co-founder Wil Kimbrel (lead guitar, vocals) and 'Cryin' Out Loud's Troy Cupp (bass guitar) to put The High and Lonesome on the straight and narrow path to the rock 'n roll promised land. Fueled by a unique mix of retro sounds, roots music appreciation and a love for straight up garage and avant garde noise, The High and Lonesome have an instantly identifiable sound. The last year has found the band on the road spreading their newfound rock 'n roll gospel to all who will hear. With a live show labelled as both 'intense' and 'a sight to behold', be sure to check out The High and Lonesome when they come to a town near you...

Recently, The High & Lonesome finished tracking an as-yet-unnamed album! Be on the lookout for news and pre-release tracks from the forthcoming album!


The High and Lonesome's Greatest Hits... so far. - 4 track EP. A new studio album is in the works.

Set List

God’s Favorite Sinner
Desperation Rave
Lights Is Low
Dead Leaves / Dirty Ground
Of Ape & Tree
Naked W Dead Chick
Fool’s Lament
Red Morning Light
Liquor and Smoke
Cocaine Jump
Out Like A Lamb
Ten Year Virginia
Cold Winter

Roll Me Up In Tar
Highway To Hell
She Let Down Her Curls
Truth Be Told
Gutter Opera
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Proper Dosage
Vaguely In My Arms
Sympathy For The Devil condensed
Sanitarium Moan