the high horses

the high horses

 Redfern, New South Wales, AUS

The High Horses stripped back songs of heartache, loss and horror bring together two of Australia's great songwriters with the sublime violin/saw and Banjo work of the great Michael Bridges. Corrina Steel's heartbreaking vocals combine with Meares' husky drawl to great effect.


The High Horses are Nancy and Lee, Patsy Cline, Leadbelly and Nick Cave and more all rolled into one...

The High Horses first album 'Birds and Things' was recorded in january 2012. They will be touring Europe in April and releasing their album in August.

Corrina Steel is '...arguably the most important left-field country music talent to emerge in this country...'-(Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald, august 2007)

She has produced 3 of the finest country/soul/rock/blues albums to come out of Australia all receiving rave reviews.

Jo Meares' songs are like..'...pedal steel-tinged melancholia of wide open plains and corrugated iron, caressed by occasionally passing heavenly choirs of grievous angels and chain gangs...' (Clem Bastow, In Press sept, 2008)

Jo Meares has produced 2 beautiful albums with his band The Honeyriders in the last 3 years playing constantly in Australia and in France 3 times, the last time sponsored by the Australian government. His first album received album of the year on the highly respected Outpost show on 2SER in Sydney.

Michael Bridges is arguably the finest violin/saw player working in popular music in Australia today. His range of styles and mastery is simply astounding.

The High Horses bring these 3 great talents together for a unique and lush musical experience.


Corrina Steel solo albums - 'Wayward' 2004, 'The Blues is a Good Woman Gone Bad' 2007, 'A Fling with the King' 2009

Jo Meares - 'The Cuban Heels' 2006, 'A Handful of Smoke' 2010, 'One More Time' 2010