The High Irons

The High Irons

 New York City, New York, USA

New American Traditionalists via Fables era R.E.M., Wilco and the Byrds.


"Emphasis on songs. The long forgotten rule of all popular music has and always will be the quality of the song. This has always been my primary focus, damn the haircuts and headbands."-Phil Doucet (lead singer)

You can label the band as Americana, alt-country, or country tinged rock, or at-rock, or folk rock. But no one moniker truly fits, and this is the strength of The High Irons. The respect of their musical heroes never becomes parody. The High Irons walk along the shadows of their influences—Tom Petty, The Byrds, The Replacements, R.E.M, Son Volt, Everly Brothers—but always try to step out into their own light.

Additional Info:
We enjoy power tools and wall anchors. We find them comforting. Our rehearsal space is full of many objects that help us perform our craft as tunesmiths/human beings.


Unusual Opportunities For Young Men- 2011- Incognitum Music

Set List

Trouble Is, Turn Down The Lights, Sweetheart Deal, Brightest Star, Ballad Of Viilainy, etc...
45 minutes