The Highland Rovers Band

The Highland Rovers Band


High Energy Celtic Rock with blazing three-part harmonies. Music to get the crowd up and part of the live show!


Drawing from the diverse New York Metro music scene, the Highland Rovers Band fuses popular rock percussive rhythms, bagpipes, and vocal harmonies to create an intricate and fresh sound. HRB's multi-layered, upbeat, and danceable music showcases their universal, appeal to both mainstream modern rock lovers and culturally diverse audiences searching for a distinct celtic flavor.

With their debut CD “Brave Lads All” in 1999, the Highland Rovers Band launched their unique brand of Irish “kick” – a mix of rock ‘n’ roll, southern rock, and pop. But long before the first CD, the Rovers began building a fan base in 1993 that today spans generations. The band combines their own original music with several energized versions of celtic classics performed in a unique upbeat style.

Today, the HRB’s resume includes performances across the United States and Canada, at venues ranging from well-known Irish pubs to larger arenas such as Shea Stadium. The band has performed with top Irish artists including the Saw Doctors, the Young Dubliners, and The Prodigals. HRB has also performed numerous shows with their longtime friends and mentors, the Marshall Tucker Band.

The band has produced four albums to date. The current CD, “Live..From County Fairfield,” was released in the fall of 2006.


Brave Lads All Released 1999
Knights at the Castle Released 2001
Unusual Days Released 2004
Live From County Fairfield: Released 2007
Building the Beast: Scheduled November 2009

Set List

Donegal & Back Again
Paddy It'll Do
St. Patrick's Day
March 18
John O' Reilly
Whiskey Your the Devil/Freedom
Goodbye Mary
Up Up and Away
Unusual days
Star of the County Down
Pint Glass
Hero's Hero
Hills of Donnegal
The Ferrymen
Can't You See
*Until you Smile Again