The Highlifes

The Highlifes


"The Highlifes are an indie rock band from San Antonio, TX. Drawing influences from the likes of the Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and Albert Hammond Jr, their hybrid of sound could very well be the love child of all three artists, conceived in Southern California during the mid 60s."


The Highlifes began as a trio in 2006. After playing the San Antonio music scene for four years, they added guitarist Jacob Peirce. They fully developed their sound, played more shows and recorded an EP in August 2009.

All members, barely 19, are well versed with today's guitar driven rock and roll as well as the hits of yesteryear.


Golden Chariot

Written By: Jacob Peirce

You got that crazy way of talking
Everywhere I see you walking
As I think of a reply
You’ve already passed me by

But there must be a way
I’ll have to think it through
A way for you to see me
Thats what I need to do

I’ll get it all together
And turn myself around
I swear from this day forward
I will be sorrow bound
No more
Riding in your golden chariot
You’ve always had the sun
I guess there’s no denying
Looks like my race has run

And how they tried to tell me
“Thats just the way it goes”
I never really listened
And only heaven knows
I’ll try

I should give myself a break
Before I make one more mistake
It might be good to plan ahead
And forget the things they said

But when I think of you
The words are hard to find
Sometimes it’s not that easy
I tend to loose my mind

And I’m still blown away
But just the simple fact
That if I mess up now
You’ll never come on back
My way

I’ll keep my head above the ground and look around x2



The Highlifes EP
Yes we have streaming tracks.

Set List

Typically 7 originals, maybe 1 or 2 covers. Left This Place, 1954, Creation of the World & Other Business, Likes The Sound, Calming You Down, One Step Ahead and Fixed On You. Around 30 minute sets. We typically cover Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys and The Virgins.