The High Rise

The High Rise


Our music has been described as nu-jazz, soul butter, and quite a few other creative delineations. Imagine the music of Soulive, the Chili Peppers, and the RH Factor all rolled together and being played by musicians who love to explore and experiment while still keeping the crowd bouncing.


Since spring of 2006, we've been a snowball rolling down a steep hill and picking up music, fans, and other players. We started out jamming at house parties, and through word of mouth we were eventually able to land a weekly spot at a bar near Fenway Park. We've since then moved our weekly home to an Allston bar called The Draft, a more central location for our BU-dominated fan base. Come by around midnight on a thursday night and expect to dance.


We've got some live recordings of bar shows we've done, and we're in the process of finishing up a few tracks in the studio. Stand by for updates.

Set List

On a usual night, we'll play 2 sets of 45 minutes to an hour each. Most of our stuff is original, and quite a bit of it depends heavily on improvisation, but we do a few covers as well, including tunes by Bob Marley, Soulive, Sublime, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson.