The High Rollers

The High Rollers


Frantic Drunkabilly from Arizona! Sounds like Johnny Cash on Crystal Meth!


The High Rollers are Arizona's premier Neo-Rockabilly trio. Hailing from the home of the world famous Whiskey Row, The High Rollers have methodically built an infamous name for themselves in the last nine years. Although considered "Roots rock", make no mistake: This is not your daddy's classic rockabilly band. With influences ranging from traditional country, to psychobilly, to old school punk, The High Rollers can easily transform a dance floor into a mosh pit. Rock n' Roll Purgatory writes "The High Rollers play supercharged rockabilly with the fervor of punk-rock hoodlums." Fronting the high-octane trio is Joe Booth on guitar and lead vocals. "Booth's scowling drawl conjures up bar fights and Marlboros, and his work on the Silvertone is packed with shitkicker-vicious intention." Next up is Bobby Joe on the upright bass. "Kolar is thunderous, doling out deft, upright lowend..." On the drums, Bad Andy Ulibarri is the band's backbone. Ulibarri's talents have been labeled as "Frenetic". Not to mention he keeps "200 dirty beats a minute" while twirling and flipping his sticks. The High Rollers' musicianship is paired with stunning showmanship. "From the deepest crevices of the rockabilly landscape comes a band that can not only get people dancing on tables, but can drink tem under those same tables as well." They always include their crowd into a show. Antics include Booth and Kolar jumping up onto the bar to standing on the bass and drums, which makes for a show that is not only pleasing to the ears, but to the eyes as well. It's very rare to see The High Rollers just stand there, unless it's to catch their breath!!


Locked, Loaded & Long Gone -2006
The High Rollers-2000
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Set List

We have 5+hours of material that we can play. We do covers if we need to. Covers range from Hank Williams to Iron Maiden!