The High Rollerz
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The High Rollerz

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Mic Club vol 1 - 2004, Big City Bright Lights -2006, Neon Jungle - 2006, Get In Where You Fit In (single) - 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Las Vegas’s very own Rap/Hip-Hop super-duo grew from humble beginnings in early 2001. There Josh Wright started working at a mall in Las Vegas Nevada, were he met up with Ryan Drake. The two quickly banded together and formed a partnership that would transcend the ritualistic normalcy of their everyday routines. The pair rapidly became notorious for their uncanny ability to find trouble. An example of this is the famous “Wheat Thins Night.” Where they were spotted hurling the tasty snack at a tourist while his sister was kissing their hands. However it was not until Ryan moved away that they discovered they had a future in music.

Ryan Drake moved away and Josh Wright, then known as the Lyrical Messiah, decided to pursue his rap career by recording tracks and submitting demos. Though working hard, Josh did not have much success. Ryan began working the graveyard shift at a gas station, were it seemed the two had gone their separate ways. But during the late hours when normal people are in bed, these guys were creating the blueprint for their futures. They would communicate over the phone, some calls lasting as long as nine hours. But it wasn’t until Ryan came up with his first one-liner, that Josh knew they had something special. “I’m a lyrical ginsu, I’ll murder a herd of cattle to offend a family of hindu," from that point on it was history in the making. Josh changed his name to AmnesiA and Ryan became The Flyswatter. Together they formed the group, The High Rollers.

In March of 2003 Josh, aka AmnesiA, started an internship at OneVibe Media that would prove to be the most valuable asset to their career to date. Ryan, aka The Flyswatter, started his internship the very next month and the two became essential to the operation of the studio. While still interns The High Rollers recorded and released there first mixtape together called “Mic Club.” The effort was a success spawning rave and review from NBA Players and Record Label executives alike. The recordings were all raw and unmixed but talent shined through. The lyrics were gruesome and shocking but the public was all ears. The High Rollers however were not satisfied yet. After the release of “Mic Club,” the pair felt like they needed to re-vamp there image. They changed the name of the group slightly by adding the z to the end. They also decided on killing off The Flyswatter, in favor of Rip Roarin The Main Event. In addition to this, they also made changes in the way they write, deliver, the content of there songs and there persona as a whole.

Now The High Rollerz have there first debute album coming out, titled "Neon Jungle." After all there hard work its ancious waiting and high anticipation. The 1st single from “Neon Jungle” is called, “Get In Where You Fit In." The single seems to be a hit, and is sweeping the nation like a like a hurricane. Gentleman’s clubs all around the country are keeping the single in heavy rotation. The single also seems to be quickly moving up the charts. Look out for NEON JUNGLE in stores everywhere 06-06-06!!!!!!!