The Hi-Life

The Hi-Life


Punk Rock with a BIG dose of Rock'n'Roll - The Sound is a Collision of The Ramones, Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys, The Queers, and more! In short, Loud Pop Songs played with lots of guitars, tight drumming, great vocal harmonies....and BALLS!


THE HI-LIFE formed in 2005 in Orlando, Florida to play Rock 'N' Roll the way it ought to be played... Loud, Fast, and Makin' You Dance ! The band came together out of the ashes of Creepshow, to play OUT OF CONTROL ROCK’N’ROLL !!!!!!

THE HI-LIFE recorded their self titled and released EP in May, 2006 and distributed it around the country at pop punk shows and festivals that summer. The band networked and toured with The Apers and Johnie 3 for a month in 2006 around the USA to get the word out about the band. This successfully led to the bands high profile show at the 2007 Insubordination Festival (more below). The band played various shows in Jacksonville, Ocala, and St. Augustine, Florida in 2006.

In 2007, THE HI-LIFE officially recorded their debut songs, which were released on a compliation cd and LP during the summer of 2007. The band set up and played a Florida tour with THE LEFTOVERS (power pop punk rock buzz band from Maine), and toured the East coast and as far west as Chicago with Holland's one and only, THE APERS! THE HI-LIFE also had the pleasure of playing the final day of The 2007 INSUBORDINATION RECORDS FESTIVAL in Baltimore (and rocking it like crazy). This is the premiere festival for punk pop and power pop in the country and draws an audience from around the world. Notable bands that THE HI-LIFE played with this summer and at the festival were Ben Weasel, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Unloveables, Mr T Experience, The Ergs, The Apers, The Leftovers and more!


June 2007 - "The Connect Four Compilation Vol. 1"
released on Cocktail Nation Records on cd, Lp, and
digitally on itunes, and more. Toured in support of
the release in summer, 2007.

May 2006 - "The Hi-Life" self titled EP
self released EP of five songs given away/sold on
the 4 week national summer 2006 tour with The
Apers (Holland) and Johnie 3 (Ohio)

Set List

The average Hi-Life set list can range anywhere from 25 - 45 minutes, depending on the allotted time. You want more? We'll bring it. We like to add some Ramones or Riverdales covers for fun on the long sets.

Some of original songs are:
Dance with Me Tonight
Let's Get It On
Jackie Ain't a Brat
Saturday Night
Myke Hollywood
Don't Waste Away
California Girl
7th Fret (instrumental)
Passed Out
Fun, Fun, Fun
At Rockaway

Some Covers we like to do are:
Surfin' Bird (Ramones)
Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (yup, more Ramones)
Teenage Lobotomy (even more Ramones)