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"Hi-Life record review"

review of "THE CONNECT COUR COMPILATION Vol. 1" (Cocktail Nation Records)
The Hi-Life: This four-way split opens up with "Saturday Night," a short and sweet cut from this Orlando, Florida trio. On a compilation where being heavily influenced by the likes of the Ramones and Queers is par for the course, they fit right in. Their songs are made even better by the backing vocals of Angie Lee Roth, bass player and wife of drummer Mikey Reynolds. I believe this is the first release from them, so keep your ears open for more. - Jersey Beat


What can I say about the Hi-Life that won’t be said by countless Rock historians over the centuries? I could talk about what great, energetic crazy people they are. I could say I’d never seen a rock & roll show until I saw the hi-Life take the stage. I could say that all my perceptions of Pop-Punk/Rock & Roll were thrown out the window that night. And yes, I am saying all of this. Kristian Panthercamp plays the guitar like a man possessed. Sweating heavily, smiling a menacing grin and charming the snakes of RnR. Maybe he made a deal at life’s crossroads with the spirit of Johnny Ramone. Whatever it was his passion for this music shines through brightly. He will lead an army into the frontiers of ROCK. Fueled by what can only be the aurora of Chuck Berry on a 5 day speed binge this band leader picks and strums excellent solos and chord progressions never missing a note. Bringing up the backbeat in a traditional Four on the Floor with a smile is Mikey “f’ing” Reynolds—as tall as a skyscraper as gentle as a mouse. HE must drum in his sleep, he never stops moving. The nervous energy that he has along with the charisma and charm will help skyrocket this band into the new millennia. Rounding out the tri-fecta is Angie Marie on bass duties. Some like to nay-say females in bands. So, she already has a challenge—right? Wrong. Any preconceived notions are blown from your head with the force of a bazooka. Deep and disturbing, thick and concrete. Angie blazes the trail behind Kristian and Mikey rounding the sound the Hi-Life will be known for—Poppy, catchy, beach inspired Party Rock & Roll. Timeless songs for pogoers of all ages. For me it’s the soundtrack of my life. DO NOT MISS THE LIVE SHOW! The Hi-Life is included in this years Insubordination Records Fest in Baltimore as well as Cocktail Nation Records ‘Connect Four Comp. Vol 1” with The Johnie 3/The Peabodys/ Hollywood Blondes. -

"Hi-Life record review #2"

review of "The Connect Four Compilation, Volume 1"
"The disc shoots from the start with the Hi-Life’s (much anticipated new recordings) Four song assault. The Hi-Life’s tunes are bratty and fun. Begging you to not wanna dance, just a little bit. Sing Song lyrics delivered via Vapid/Elvisesque Kristian Panthercamp. Harmonies that would make the Queers blush. Straight rock & roll. This reminds me of the fun optimism that Pop-Punk was built on." -


June 2007 - "The Connect Four Compilation Vol. 1"
released on Cocktail Nation Records on cd, Lp, and
digitally on itunes, and more. Toured in support of
the release in summer, 2007.

May 2006 - "The Hi-Life" self titled EP
self released EP of five songs given away/sold on
the 4 week national summer 2006 tour with The
Apers (Holland) and Johnie 3 (Ohio)



THE HI-LIFE formed in 2005 in Orlando, Florida to play Rock 'N' Roll the way it ought to be played... Loud, Fast, and Makin' You Dance ! The band came together out of the ashes of Creepshow, to play OUT OF CONTROL ROCK’N’ROLL !!!!!!

THE HI-LIFE recorded their self titled and released EP in May, 2006 and distributed it around the country at pop punk shows and festivals that summer. The band networked and toured with The Apers and Johnie 3 for a month in 2006 around the USA to get the word out about the band. This successfully led to the bands high profile show at the 2007 Insubordination Festival (more below). The band played various shows in Jacksonville, Ocala, and St. Augustine, Florida in 2006.

In 2007, THE HI-LIFE officially recorded their debut songs, which were released on a compliation cd and LP during the summer of 2007. The band set up and played a Florida tour with THE LEFTOVERS (power pop punk rock buzz band from Maine), and toured the East coast and as far west as Chicago with Holland's one and only, THE APERS! THE HI-LIFE also had the pleasure of playing the final day of The 2007 INSUBORDINATION RECORDS FESTIVAL in Baltimore (and rocking it like crazy). This is the premiere festival for punk pop and power pop in the country and draws an audience from around the world. Notable bands that THE HI-LIFE played with this summer and at the festival were Ben Weasel, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Unloveables, Mr T Experience, The Ergs, The Apers, The Leftovers and more!