The Hill Cimbers are a homegrown Milwaukee progressive accoustic jam band with music ranging from traditional bluegrass, folk, clasic rock, blues, and dare we even say it?...rap


Corey Dineen- Corey was born in St. Charles Mo. and before he could even mutter his first words, was already humming along with music. He has been involved with music nearly his whole life. He started playing the piano at a young age because his older brother would play all the time and there was always one sitting in the living room. He then moved on to the saxophone which was then followed by the bass guitar, guitar, drums, mandolin, and even dabbled with the violin for a short time, which was later evicted due to loud screeching sounds. During his musical journey, Corey has played with countless bands and talented musicians. To this date he is currently performing with the group The Hill Climbers as a vocalist, guitar and mandolin player. He hopes to continue his quest to bring good music to good people throughout his daily doings. Have you listened to anything that made you smile today?

Mark Hollinger – As bassist for The Hill Climbers, Mark is the boomer of the band in more ways than one. A long-time fan and student of the bass sounds of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna great, Jack Casady, Mark incorporates many influences into his own style. Along with guitarist Michael Ganley, he holds down the rhythm section duties of the band. THC’s acoustic instrumentation gives Mark musical opportunities in establishing the rhythmic groove of our songs that a more conventional band would not present. THC’s unique sound, which in varying degrees is a mix of folk, bluegrass, funk, rock, and occasionally a little reggae, allows Mark tremendous latitude in the bass lines he can play – which is, of course, music to his ears!

Michael Ganley- Now that Phish and the Grateful Dead are no more
Michael has been able to dedicate his spare time to playing music instead of following music. When he is not playing music with The Hill Climbers or writing original tunes Mike likes to spend his time climbing ice in western Colorado and mountains in the Cascade Range. He also enjoys snake-charming, base-jumping, fly-fishing and other sorts of hyphenated activities.


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Set List

this is a set list from an actual show

*05.16.06::Linneman's Riverwest Inn*

Set I:
Old Home Place
Fixin' To Die
Cripple Creek
Big RxR Blues
You Aint Goin Nowhere
All Over Now
Rosielee McFall
This Ol Shaq
Set II:
Crazy Women
Cold Rain & Snow
Gonna Make The Mountians Be My
Me & My Uncle-->
Big River
Thrill Is Gone*
Gin & Juice*

*with Ryan Ogburn from Stealin' Strings on
^^Kevin’s mandolin bridge broke during the
last 3 minutes of the song