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The Hinkley Veltones

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"E.P Review"

Venue Review 4/5
Sometimes it really pays to keep things simple. Take the Hinkley Veltones and their self titled debut EP. 20 minutes of breakneck power pop that wears it's musical forefather's on it's sleeve..
"The Hinkley Veltones" is happily free of over-embellishment, instead taking it's cues from backporch-sitting country, late 60's American Psyche and the Primal stomp of rock and Roll. But that's not to say their debut is simple per se; Look past the obvious twang of " Man of my Intentions" and there's Roy Orbisons's Molasses drenched croon at the helm, whilst " baby don't leave me " despite it's subject matter ( having your lady half-inched by a man lavishing her with bouquets of flowers) - struts like The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and the Sonics having won the girl back at a 60's Frat party, and there ain't no better feeling than that !!

Tim Bailey - Venue (2-11 Nov edition).
- Venue 4/5

"E.P Review"

Americana UK Review 8/10
The Hinkley Veltones 'EP' (Dulcet Thud 2007)

Filling five-track EP that offers lashings of reverb on the side

Imagine if Richard Hawley, instead of treading the boards with The Lonepigs, had been asked to front The Godfathers. Now hold that thought and put on the opener "Baby Don't Leave Me' off The Hinkley Veltones debut EP. See? See where I am going with this? That I have played this track about a hundred times and am currently striding around my office with a golf club in hand posing like Julian Cope says more about how good this record is than my personal fetishes. It's not all bish-bang-bosh rock 'n' roll though, in fact, come to think of it the opener is out on a bit of a limb here. The other four tracks are reverb laden nuggets that, strangely it has to be said, manage to invoke old-time country and gothic balladry that reminds me in part of Nick Cave. It's a weird mix really but one that works on all levels for me. It makes for great late night listening leaving you a little edgy and expecting the front door to be kicked in at any minute. There's a menace lurking somewhere here underneath the surface that I can't quite fathom out that gives this otherwise pretty straight forward band an edge. Be keen to hear a full-length offering from these guys as this EP more than whets the appetite. You just get that feeling that there is a hell of a lot more to come that's all. Cool name too.

Date review added: Monday, October 08, 2007
Reviewer: Del Day
Reviewers Rating:8/10
- Americana UK 8/10

"Louisianna Review"

The Hinkley Veltones, all dressed in black and looking like the Avenging Angels of one of their songs, produced a very impressive set. They sounded like they'd listenened to a lot of Nick Cave, the lyrics were as gothic as anything by The Handsome Family and there was a country chiming guitar twang to it all. It was odd and it was also very dark, but it was also highly enjoyable.

Keith Clark

- Bristol Evening Post 25.01.2009

"Angel Tech Review"

This was fantastic.

The Hinkley Veltones were a big clanging bell, caught at the moment just before it cracks. Something like Clinic fronted by Hank Williams, everything reverb-ed into a sobbing submission, music you put on in order to light up a cigarette and calmly drive your car off a cliff. The fact that they looked like pissed-off geography teachers dragged out onto an awkward stag night just added to the heady mix. Brilliant. David Lynch should sign them up as his next house band.

- Choke online forum 25.01.2009

"Nick Cave tribute night review"

I popped along to the Nick Cave tribute Night at the Folk House performances from North Sea Navigator, The Sky is Blue, Daisy Chapman and the ever superb Hinkley Veltones.
The Hinkley Veltones played some of their own songs for a very happy (despite the Nick Cave theme) audience. This is a band packed with energy, life and incredible tunes who have been making big waves over Bristol. I am definitely planning on seeing them again as soon as possible. - 15.11.2008


1. "The Hinkley Veltones" 5 track E.P
2. "Tied to the mast" 15 track album
3. 13 track album currently being finished



The Hinkley Veltones are just putting the finishing touches to their second album.
After recording their first e.p and album "live" in the studio this new collection will be the band's first to benefit from that "little extra" time and money spent on it, so the band are as eager to hear the outcome as the rest of us !

Last April marked the launch gig/party of the first album in Bristol, which was a fantastic event that sold out completely, people unfortunately turned away at the door. It received excellent reviews in the local press and "Best gig I've ever seen" was heard more than once in passing on the night. The band picked the perfect venue, a compere, supporting acts, lighting etc and the attention to detail showed through in a truly amazing night which showcased their talents perfectly.

Taking turns on guitar, vocals and drums, the trio have played numerous gigs, festivals and radio sessions since they formed almost 2 years ago.
Steve, Harry and James have had their music played on Radio 1, Radio 2 and Radio 6Music. They have become regulars on BBCRadio Bristol and count the local music show's host as a big fan (and potential guitar thief !).

With the completion of the new album imminent, the Veltones are looking to hit the road again (after a self imposed quiet period for recording) playing new sets with new songs, this time taking things nationwide and possibly abroad.
The band are actively looking for a label to distribute the new recordings and hope gigs in 2009 will play a big part in this.

So if your new wife has just left you standing outside a bar while she rides off into the sunset with a handsome stranger, wander back inside, order yourself a whisky and book The Hinkley Veltones while you drown your sorrows………..and plot your revenge.