The Hinkley Veltones

The Hinkley Veltones


A rollercoaster ride of strutting, swaggering, rock and roll, combined with slow, reverb-laden ballads, twangy guitar and crooning Roy Orbison inspired vocals. The themes are dark and moody with songs of loss, betrayal, heartbreak, booze and staring the devil right in the eye.


The HVs have the perfect mix of rockabily rhythms that make you want to shake your bones, along with whiskey-soaked vocals and spine-tingling lyrics.
With a large following in their home town of Bristol, they always attract a crowd with their unusual take on 50s rock n roll and David Lynch-noir. Whether getting the party started on Saturday night or being the ultimate hangover cure on Sunday afternoon, The Hinkley Veltones will rock your world!


Moths LP 2010
Tied to the Mast LP 2008
The Hinkley Veltones EP 2007

Various tracks on Last FM