The Hipwaders

The Hipwaders

 Vacaville, California, USA

All Ages Rock 'n' Roll


Tito Uquillas - vocals/guitar / Nick Baca - drums/vocals / Hal Imbrie - bass/vocals

Listed as one of "25 Best Bands for Kids" by TimeOut NY Kids (2012)

Renaissance art had Michelangelo; Romantic poetry had Keats; detective fiction had Chandler; swing had Sinatra; Metropolis had Superman. Kindie music has the Hipwaders, a California trio who specialize in perfectly written and performed anthems for the kiddies. Quite simply, they are a great power pop band that just happens to play music for children.

Rob Smith, POPDOSE

"They played like they were in front of 50, 000 people, even though they weren't," says Hyams, a Los Angeles record producer who persuaded Perry Farrell to add a children's stage to Lollapalooza three years ago. "People really love them, more so than other acts we've had in the past...The Hipwaders have as much value as Pearl Jam. They are a tight, focused group of musicians."

Tor Hyams, Lollapalooza co-promoter (SF Chronicle 9/2/07)

Fronted by songwriter, Tito Uquillas, The Hipwaders issued their first children's music album, "The Smile Project" in 2004. The album received a Parent's Choice Award that year.

In addition to other venues, The Hipwaders honed their chops performing frequent shows of up to 4hrs in length at the Jelly Belly Candy Factory in Fairfield, California.

"The Smile Project" was quickly followed up in 2005 by "The Hipwaders", the band's official debut. The band was nominated by XM Satellite Radio as one of the best new kid's' music acts of 2005 and the album earned another Parent's Choice Award for the band in 2006.

In 2007, The Hipwaders were invited to perform at the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago.

The band released their next album, "Educated Kid" in September 2007, and the title track quickly went to #1 on XM Satellite Radio Kids Channel 116 and the band taped a live performance at the XM Satellite Radio's "Rumpus Room" in Washington DC. The album finished in the top 5 of the 2007 "Fids & Kamily" critics poll.

The Hipwaders received an enthusiastic response at the 2008 Rock & Blues Festival at the Snowbird Resort in Utah and received 2008 Children's Music Web Awards for both of their albums.

     In 2009, The Hipwaders released their EP, “Goodie Bag”, for which’s Warren Truitt had called, “One of the best kid’s albums of 2009, so far.

  "A Kindie Christmas" was released in the Fall of 2009 to critical acclaim and was awarded a NAPPA Honors award in 2010.

"'Wake Up'... may just be the best 2 minutes of rock-n-roll Christmas tunage ever" - Jeff @ Out With the Kids

By invitation of organizers, the band appeared at the "KindieFest" family music industry showcase in May 2010.

The Hipwaders' 2011 album, "The Golden State" - helmed by engineer/producer Willie Samuels (Green Day/Kronos Quartet) was awarded a NAPPA Gold Award and received many glowing reviews.

September 2014 saw the release of The Hipwaders 6th album, "Year-Round Sounds" which  received a NAPPA Silver Award.

The Hipwaders' music can currently be heard on NBC, History Channel, MTV, Planet Green, TruTV, Current TV, Animal Planet, VH1, Discovery Health, TLC, The Style Network, PBS, Super Station, E!, Womens Entertainment, OLN, Bravo, HGTV, CMTV, and the Travel Channel.


Educated Kid

Written By: Tito Uquillas

Clown college, trucking school
Beauty college, it’s all so cool
Uh, huh, uh, huh...
I’ve learned to write, I’ve learned to read
Now I can do most anything
Uh huh, uh, huh...’ve made it thru the world your way
Hey.........tell them how you did what you did

I’m just an educated kid

Get scholarships, student loans
Special grants, get schooled at home
Uh, huh...
I love to learn & question things
I need the answers to everything
Uh, huh...


Doctor, lawyer, Indian chief
Don’t need such jobs with high prestige
Uh, huh...
Pursue your passion, do what you love
Persevere, you’ll rise above
Uh, huh....


Dewey Decimal System

Written By: Tito Uquillas

The bookmobile went and lost a wheel
Crashed into my room
I fell in the book deposit bin
I could not swim
I was so scared so unprepared
I cried HELP

Ivan librarian gave me a card
He said this will take you places
Besides where you are
Head for the future
Or go to the past
A library card will get you there really fast

I decided to spread the word
About what I’d heard
So I fixed that wheel on the busted bookmobile
Backed out of my room
With good cheer I gathered all to hear
What I’d been told


(dewey, dewey, dewey, dewey, dewey decimal system, dewey)
Dewey has ten classes
each class has ten divisions
each divided on and on

First there’s generalities
Philosophy, psychology
Religion, social science, languages

Next up there’s math and science
Medicine, technology
Arts like music, clowns & puppetry

At the end there’s literature
Geography and history
The biography of Mr. Melvil Dewey...

Time In Time-Out

Written By: Tito Uquillas

I spent time in time-out today
Believe me I didn’t plan it this way
If I had a choice I wouldn’t listen to that voice
That says “disregard, disrupt, disrespect, disobey”

I’ll try and do better
Can’t stand to sit alone in my room
Books and rocks and toys that talk
Can’t take the place of someone
To share in my gloom

I pulled one card
I pulled two cards
I pulled three cards
I pulled four...and many, many more...

I spent time in time-out today


Written By: Tito Uquillas

I’d like to make you mine
Can you see this heart-shaped thought balloon
Floating over my head when I think of you?

Can you read my mind?
Phonetically I’m spelling L-U-V
Bilingually I spell that A-M-O-R-E

You had my heart when you tackled me
The recess monitor ended your assault
No, it’s not your fault
Cupid’s shot
Hit it’s mark
And drove you crazy

Repeat Verse 1

Yes, It's Christmas

Written By: Fausto Uquillas


I saw Santa Claus
Flying through December skies
I heard his sleighbells ring
Jingle-jangle, jing-jang-jing
He's got my Christmas list
Gee I hope he doesn't miss
My house this year

Yes, It's Christmas
Oh, yes, it's Christmastime
The season comes once a year
And fills our heart with holiday cheer

Sing out loud, sing with joy
Make a wish for your favorite toy
Hang the mistletoe above
Give a kiss to the one you love
Let's all trim the tree
Hang a stocking and a wreath
Before Christmas Eve


Spread the word
It's a word that should be heard
Tis the season of love
And like the light from above
Shine your hope across the world
Raise your voices to be heard
On Christmas Day

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year...

Wake Up

Written By: Fausto Uquillas

Wake up, Wake up
Wipe the sleep from your eyes
Take a look around
It’s a Christmas surprise

You’ve ended up
Far from your town
All your family & friends
Have gathered around

Large candy canes dangle from the trees
Skating polar bears glide by so gracefully
Gingerbread men frolic through the snow
The Northern Lights casting a heavenly glow


Snowy Owls trail glitter through the sky
Snowflakes crystalize kaleidoscoping your eyes
An arctic fox leads an animal parade
Caribou thank you for this dream you’ve made

Tinsel & Lights

Written By: Fausto Uquillas


At the time of night when the moon is your only light
Celebrate the season so close to your family’s side
Wrap yourself in your warmest clothes
You leave your home and brave the cold
To find yourself a Christmas tree
To decorate so beautifully

There’s nothing more that I like
Than tinsel & lights
I like tinsel & light
Tinsel & lights

Search for Christmas past in a book full of photographs
An old Christmas tree of aluminum gives you laughs
You don’t remember when it was
A department store Santa Claus
Asked you for your Christmas wish
You didn’t even hesitate a bit (you said)


Hanging out with friends
On a night you wished would never end
Soon caroling tunelessly 'cause you can’t really sing
Traditions that ring so true
Bring Christmas alive for you
Like candy canes & eggnog
Mistletoe picked in the fog

Hey, Josie!

Written By: Tito Uquillas


With spring there’s expectation
After winter’s hibernation
Fall is much too far off to foretell
It’s hard to be more giddy
Knowing there’s an itty bitty
Baby coming up for show and tell

Hey Josie baby come on

Two people making choices
To bring a little voice in
Going to nurture enthusiastically
An infant who’ll be rocking
Before she’s even talking
Got the boogie woogie backbeat in her genes


A major revelation
Is what they’ll soon be facing
A bindle wrapped embodiment of dreams
The softer side of humanism - tenderness and altruism,
Sacrifice and generosity

Go Go Girl

Written By: Tito Uquillas

She lives in a room with a bird and a cat
A normal upbringing if that were that
She’s got posters and maps of faraway lands
Constantly pacing & making her plans

She doesn’t need much just shoes and a hat
Plans to live off her wits, determination and maps
When she gets to the age she can venture alone
She’ll write every day to her family at home

Look at her smile
Born to aspire
Into this world steps a go go girl

When he walks down the street
He’s got a smile on his face
‘cause he knows every Dad wishes he were in his place
But he’s not too sure if she’s really for real
So much vigor, ambition & zeal


Her single digit age doesn’t give her away
A driven little girl she turns work into play
Comes on strong she’s got plenty to show
So much desire in this little dynamo

Gaia She Knows

Written By: Tito Uquillas

Gaia She Knows by Tito Uquillas

Gaia she knows
She knows a few things
She knows we should keep this planet green
Gaia she knows, Gaia she knows

She’s made it her task to show everyone
All life is in harmony under the sun
Gaia she knows, Gaia she knows

Sowing the seeds for a future that’s going to last
Pointing out errors people have made in the past

Put down the pesticides you need to realize
It only hurts your mother…

Gaia she knows
She knows a few things
She knows we should keep this planet green
Gaia she knows, Gaia she knows

From Mt. Tamalpais where she calls home
There amongst nature she’s never a lone
Gaia she knows, Gaia she knows

A delicate balance of nature guarantees life
We’re here to tell you that our friend Gaia is right

Put down the pesticides you need to realize
It only hurts your mother…

Gaia she knows
She knows a few things
She knows we should keep this planet green
Gaia she knows, Gaia she knows