The Hi-Speeds

The Hi-Speeds


The Hi-Speeds are brewing up a buzz on the Pittsburgh music scene with their new-school, punk-soul, rock-and-roll flavor… Armed with their hair-raising, boot-curling tunes you are hereby warned to be on the look out for a riff-tornado to touch down as the Hi-Speed front converges on a city near you!


Formed in the Summer of 2006, the Hi-Speeds are a dynamic trio consisting of Norway native, burning guitarist Trym "Harpo" Killi, plus Pittsburgh’s own drummer extraordinaire Troy Cramer and the magnificent Martin Kantorzyk on bass guitar.

Troy's a jazzcat, he'll be spinnin' Mingus records and stuff. Trym has a deep love for the blues, and will be scouring the internet for pre-war recordings of William Harris, Skip James and Blind Lemon this-and-that. Martin is the bands hipster-alibi, and likes all that new shit.


The Hi-Speeds are currently putting the finishing touches on their debut EP, which will be unveiled in the near future. The EP will feature songs such as Jane novacaine, Let me down easy, One track mind, Shake it off and more.

Set List

The Hi-Speeds set list varies per gig, but generally spans from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours and is made up of original material with the occasional hi-speed style cover.