The Hitmaker

The Hitmaker


The Hitmaker is the Copernicus of hooks, the Galileo of beats. Putting the "popular" back in pop music with feeling and intelligence. Why make something ugly when you can make something beautiful?


Who has performed as a solo acoustic act opening for Bob Dylan? made hit remix records with Journey and REO Speedwagon? opened for Todd Rundgren? written songs for Brian Wilson's band? played with members of Styx? opened for Squeeze, Melissa Etheridge, Violent Femmes? shtupped Liz Phair? scored independent films including "Trashed"? Written music for promo spots for the Chicago White Sox?


-Don't Stop Believin' (featuring Deen Castronovo) [Tie Records International]
-Trashed: original motion picture soundtrack
-Welcome to Hollywood [Glen Burtnik - Atenzia Records]
-Break Through Overground (as bee)
-Sweet Wine remix [National Lampoon's Not So Silent Pictures]
-The Theme from Hot Doug's [Tie Records International]