The Hoa Hoa's (pronounced wah wahs)

The Hoa Hoa's (pronounced wah wahs)


This 4-piece psych-pop outfit from indie hot bed Toronto, ON, Canada are the centre of the burgeoning Optical Sounds label. NOW Magazine called their debut album - "Sonic Bloom" - one "of Toronto's best albums of 08" and the band is set to release a sophomore album - "Pop/Drone/Pedals" - this year.


From Toronto's notoriously art-friendly Kensington Market, The Hoa Hoa's (pronounced wah wahs) have cemented themselves as one of Toronto best and most promising psych-pop acts.

Their debut album "Sonic Bloom" was released in July 2008 and solidified the band as a legitimate psych-pop force. Glowing reviews accompanied the ’08 release: ‘They have already been called psychedelic, but I’m going to go a step further and say they are interstellar” said SoundProof while NOW Magazine calls the album “one of T.O.’s best psych records of ‘08”. suggests that the band “really get the whole balance the Velvet Underground perfected. They mix the dirt of an overcrowded, unforgiving city with the infinite hope and beauty of the deepest reaches of outer space.”

With their 60s garage/psychedelic sound, The Hoa Hoa's are the crown jewel in the promising Optical Sounds label. They have become synonymous with a live act that get crowds dancing to their fuzzy, reverb heavy sets.

Also, note that their sophomore release – “Pop/Drone/Pedals” – will be out this summer.

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Vinyl Richie

Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

lyrics from Vinyl Richie - (first wave demo vers.) 2007

You're a star and your eyes start flashing , your life was in your hands

and the trip that you're on starts crashing ,you can't ignore the demands

in the past you could calm down easy , you had a real warm heart

all alone it don't seem so pleasing and that the aweful part

Sometime goes by and you feel much better , again you get so high

when you get to the top of the mountain it fills your eyes with fire

all the things that you said you were doing , are they just said or done ?

when you talk is your mouth just moving , you'll talk to anyone

burning up burning up burning up

you're a star and your eyes keep flashing

your life was in your hands but the speed and your car start crashing

you can't ignore the demands

you're a star , i can see what is happening , i hope you're having fun

when you talk is you're mouth just moving ??

you'd talk to anyone

well we ain't anyone

I Saw You

Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

I saw you just yesterday.
Your eyes were all hidden away.
Your lips took on different shades.
As you said that I should stay.

You said exactly what you say.
Blue skies all, all day.
And you were looking oh so pale.
Beautiful as always been your way.

You remind me of summer days.
My smile in your shades.
And you felt just like a holiday.
So we stayed all, all day.
As your lips took on different shades.
Ohha ha sunny days.

Well, I love, oh love you.
And all the crazy things we do.
And I, no it’s you.
Beautiful, it’s always been you.

The List

Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

The best band that I’ve heard in a while was on the tele.
They were doing it there for some commercial.
Don’t you know our spirit is coming back.
‘Cause we’re all guided … by voices.

The beatles are the rolling stones in our dreams.
The brian jonestown, they took up the space man.
The sixties everything velvet underground.
We had a dream for us and all the children.

The dream is stereolab broadcast in air waves.
Belle and sebastian hold the candle.
Luna is not just stuck in chinatown.
Make up a cure in july ride what you will.
‘Cause this world party echoes there in our hearts.
We’re all guided, guided by voices.

Yellow Jacket

Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

You’ve got a yellow jacket,
But you’ve got no place to wear it.
You wanted to go out dancing,
But I wanted to stay at home ,,, stay home ,,, with you.

Red, blue I can see through,
Cause that was born in you.
And you wanted to go out,
But I wanted to keep on ,,, well you know ,,, I wanted to keep on ,,, well keep on ,,, dancing.

Doesn’t make a bloody difference,
So cool is it when I feel you.
So where are your little rock shoes,
for the light it radiates ,,, it so ,,, all around ,,, well you know ,,, all around ...
Red white and blue,
Stars so bright in you.
And I still really see you,
In every color shining through.
I believe in you.

There’s nothing really ever happening,
Might as well just be laughing.
There’s nothing ever going on,
Might as well be shining on.
I believe in you.

Life Network

Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

Watching life network.
Over there, it works like that.
Another life so interesting.
Another god to tell something.

Over seas they fly.
Moral meter high.
Come back bigger, as they came.
Feeling sinner anyway.

Is that your boyfriend looking for trouble.
Driving drunks in new york city, Yellow lights.
Earth is shaking in the snow.

Girls make rates in the night they go.
Asking for nothing so he sees her alone.
Inside she wonders am I alive.
Is it right there ordinaire.
Over seas ...


Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

I’ve never been afraid of you.
And all the beautiful things that I can do with you.
I’ll always find you so ...
I’ll always kiss you so ...

Deep ...
I love you.
I’m in touch with you.

Everyone is so afraid of you.
They spend all of their time running away from you.
But I’ll always be with you so ...
I’ll always kiss you so ...

Deep ...
I love you.
I’m in touch with you.

Everyone is so afraid of you.
But I will always stay with you so ...
Deep ...

Lazy and High

Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

Lazy, lazy and high,
I thought that your dreams landed past this time.
You’re so lazy, lazy and high.
I thought that your dreams landed past this time.

All that you are.
And all that you do.
It’s way beyond you.

Straight up, straight up and down.
I’ve seen your kind around.
And I thought that you said you were moving on.
Well open up wide and you’re coming around.

I know how you feel.
Your life’s running on.
It’s ticking around you.

And I see you.

I see in your eyes.
Way up, way up high.
I see what you see, in your eyes.
So look up to the skies.

All in the Way

Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

All in a way.
That I see you.
I fancy you.
All in a way.
That I see you.
I fancy you.

Where are you.
Come out let’s play.
I’m deep in you.
But where are you.
I’m deep in.
Come on let’s play.

I’m on my way.
But, I’m calling on you.
So come with me.
I’ll be with you.
I’m on my way but.

I fancy you.
All in a way.
That I see you.
So where are you.
I’m calling on you.
Come on let’s play.
Cause I see you.
And I fancy you.


Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

Past, futures now, fall with in, just one frame.
Learning to flow, learning the streams, rushing through I.
Learning to talk, learning to say, what’s been said.
Learning to catch, learning the hands, frozen in time.
Learning to swim, learning to save, feels the same.

I’ve, been invited, into the room, I’m now leaving.
Learning to walk, learning the ruts, that you’ve sowed.
Learning to see, learning to feel, what is shown.
Learning what’s done, learning what’s right, I’ve always known.

Run, run running
Giant steps, feel way too slow.
Coming down now, where shall we go.
I’ve touched it now, inside you so.
Learning to flow, in what we all know.

(outro in space ... our space)

That’s what they said to us.
I guess that’s what they’ve always said to us in a way.
They told us to make a pop album. At least that’s the way we took it.
Can’t you hear them, We all do ... And we all really should.
To change our society.
Listen to them singing.
We’ll better our society
Angels of love, rain on us.


Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

Should I tell you just what, that I mean
Could it be as simple, as seeing.
Should you tell me just where, we’ve all been
Cause it's the same as, you leaving.
You know what I mean.
Who you being.
There’s always a big crowd, around me.
But now you’re the only one, that I see.
Surfing over there, in the sound waves.
You lifted your glass, to me.
Oh you ... Come on let’s go ...

I pointed directly, right at you.
And you smiled all over, towards me too.
Although I have never, really met you.
I am going to, somehow touch you.

You know what I mean.
Let’s blow this scene.

Tonight I am falling, right with you.
And you should forget, this scene too.
You’re so beautiful and, we are dancing.
Touched each other cause, we want, to be touched.

and on in too ... being in it


Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

I heard you playing all day.
I heard you praying all day.
I love you,
Over and over again.


Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

Let’s all go down there like you know we should.
Holly, Mary, don’t you know that we should.
The rest of it it’s all understood.

So I took my place on the back of the bus.
There were only but a few of us.
Don’t you think that there should be more of us.

When we got down there, sunshine in your eyes.
Don’t you think we should make it last all night.
It’s all dedicated to the way that you smile.

Holly would …

Landing on the Moon

Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

Would you like to know what it feels like to be little.
Were you even there the day we landed on the moon.
Facing ourselves back to the infinite middle.
Should it forever change the way to be with you.

Are you afraid,
Of the simple light?
Are you afraid,
Of the special light?

Wanted to celebrate on that very special day.
When I realized that there’s just no way.
That we’ll ever get a chance to land on the moon.
Should that change the way I dance with you.

So ... How does it feel?


Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

We’re singing and we play.
It’s so easy in this state.
With eternal fire, won’t die.
In the city ... Alright
Time ...
It only counts in clocks.
It don’t mean much to us.
We’ve got our own idea,
Of love and what that is.
In the sky, I see emotion.
Underground, I feel a notion.
Quest for the cup, search for the light.
Say what you mean, you know you’ve got the right.

Time ...
It’s always on our side.
It comes in with the tide.
We know we’ve got it right,
Cause, We’re beginning to see the light.


Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

Happiness is a guarantee. Won’t you go down there with me.
Happiness is a guarantee. Come on baby, can’t you see.
Happiness is a guarantee.
It’s so easy, can’t you see.
In the street and of the sky,
Your painting pictures and you wonder why.

Happiness is a guarantee. One, two, three, for you and me.
Happiness is a guarantee. Honey, honey, won’t you fly there with me.
Happiness is a guarantee,
Don’t suppose you’d be coming with me.
Being cool instead of being high,
Their taking pictures and you wonder why.
Happiness is a guarantee.
It’s so easy baby can’t you see.
You walk the streets and I’ll walk the sky.
Come on baby, don’t you wonder why.

Happiness ,,, can’t you see.
That happiness ,,, it’s for you and me.
Happiness ,,, Won’t you give it a try.
Happiness ,,, Why even wonder why.


Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

Jumped out of my swollen dreams,
To be a part of what I see.
Sleeping touching every night,
As she lay there beside me.

To be a fan, ha, to see.

Jumped out of our soft warm sleep,
To be a part of reality.
She just wanted to really be,
As she walked there beside me.

To be a fan, ha, just too see.

Jumped out of reality,
To take my life and what’s to be.
No longer just fantasy,
As she became a part of me.

To be a part of what I see.
To be that part of my reality.
To be a fan, oh just to see.
To be a part of my fantasy.

Delay Time

Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

Love in our hearts and our minds coming through our life.
In the time that we see all the stars shine bright.
If you feel we are free, we’ll be free to fly
Just a touch, just a kiss, higher than the sky
In delay time ...

All dressed in black just to hide from the world outside.
In the cave, it’s ok, then you asked my name.
I said, hi, that’s alright, I don’t need your name.
Hopeless love, just too much, it’s the touch I crave.

In a dream there’s a way to the life we live.
Far apart, I could feel, every move you made.
What a curious sound all around today.
Interpol, Rapture, Mogwai, Cure on one stage.

Thoughts in our minds and our hearts going through our lives.
In the time that we feel all the stars shine bright.
Open wide, open eyes, open mind we felt.
Feeling down, come around, things will be alright.

Going Down

Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

Going down to that place, at the end of our street.
Walk in to some hippy music, oh way to be.
Walk in further to see so many heads, down there by the bar.
It’s some kind of place, people are so pretty ...
Well, you know they are.

Order a drink from a friendly face, oh just to be.
At the bar there seems to be no place, but hold on there’s a seat.
Music talking straight to my soul, and then you meet.
The most beautiful people everywhere, you know it’s just ...
In the air.

I wonder if I met you there, or was it just a dream.
You had something in your greasy hair, ah way to pretty.
Then you said you were free to be.
Took a sip and realized it’s the only ...
Way to be.

Just a dream.
A dream.
A dream for you and me.
It’s just a dream.


Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

I’ll say what you see.
And I did what you do.
I’ll see what you say.
Let’s make it come true.
So what do you say.

I’ll do what you say.
I love when you sit in the sunshine.
Saying nothing all day. Nothing all day.
You see honey, it suites me just fine.

If it’s true, that it’s all you ever do.
Then let’s show them.

I’ll say what you see. In the sunshine.
And I did what you do. In the sunshine.
You’ll see what I see. In the sunshine.
Let’s not waste our day In the sunshine.

I’ll be who you are. In the sunshine.
I love when you sit ... In the sunshine.
And you shine like a star. In the sunshine.
When we’re flying around in the nighttime.

If it’s love, we’re shining brighter than the sun.
And we’re free, for shedding light in everyone.

I saw you standing there. Can’t you see.
Sunlight in your hair. Don’t you know.
Falling over you. I’m in love.
Somewhat revealing too.

I’m in love, and shining brighter than the sun.
Man we’re free, for shedding light in everyone.

I felt like letting you know. Can’t you see.
That I felt like being with you. In your hair.
And I felt like making you laugh. In the sea.
And I felt like making love. Don’t you know.
I felt like letting you know.
That I felt like being with you.
And I felt like making you laugh.
And it felt really wonderful.


Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

We were all so happy there all that sound in the open air.
The sun went down some screamed we cried.
One look in those eyes and I almost died.
She came with us she’s got no one else.
A girl like that you don’t leave by herself.
So I took her hand and held it tight I said, Come on sugar, we should dance all night.

Despite all of that just look what we’ve done.
We just made love, it don’t hurt anyone.

That’s all right ...

Missed the bus and missed the train, walked for miles in the pouring rain.
But I must say it was the best trip yet,
As I didn’t have to try when she was already wet.
On the next day, tried to say goodbye,
Cause when it comes to birds I just let them fly.
To keep her from crying I took that train now I’m underground and lost in spain.

Despite all of that just look what we’ve done.
We just made love, that don’t hurt anyone.

That’s alright ...

Flowers are Free

Written By: The Hoa Hoa's

I am knocking at his front door.
I have stolen what he took from me before.
Still I’m giving it ‘cause we always want more.

Sleep won’t come like it did before.
Business is, business is always so.
And now I’ve found that I’ve given all that I have
So I packed my bags and headed for the door.
Flowers are free and I dreamt of your smell ever more.

As I walked the streets, I looked for your smile on every flower.
And when I looked up again.
You took my hand and I understood ever more.

That flowers are … always free.


2008 = Sonic Bloom (Optical Sounds)
2009 COMING SOON = Pop/Drone/Pedals (Optical Sounds)

Set List

A typical set runs 45-60 minutes in length and is forever changing. Sets include songs from the band's earliest writing and sometimes songs that haven't even been recorded yet...