The Hobo Nephews

The Hobo Nephews


The Hobo Nephews mix gentle acoustic songs alongside grittier stomps with dirty electric guitars and distorted blues harmonica to create a unique style of music which has been dubbed "Back porch music in a front porch world" by their growing legion of fans.


Whether singing about love gone bad or redefining storytelling through music, The Hobo Nephews continue to push the boundaries of contemporary folk and Americana music. Mixing acoustic ballads with dirty blues stomps, brothers Teague and Ian Alexy and drummer extraordinaire Paul Grill have pioneered a whole new sound with their “dirty folk ‘n roll”.

With lyrics both inspirational and poignant, The Hobo Nephews exploded onto the midwestern scene in 2005. Like Bob Dylan in reverse, they traveled from the East coast and landed on Duluth, Minnesota’s north shore, searching for the roots of American music. Putting their own unique flavor onto a mixture of folk, blues and bluegrass, their two acclaimed albums, 2005's self-titled debut and 2007’s new release titled Sing! cemented them as one of the Midwest’s most creative and promising new bands.

Press Quotes

“The Hobo Nephews are not a cheap imitation of folk-rock legends nor are they the messiahs of a musical revolution. They are of the same breed of songwriters that put folk on the map and I’ll be damned if they haven’t written some of the most beautiful and captivating songs I’ve heard in a long time.”

- Charlie Owen, Vail Daily

“The band is simply talented beyond its years… a polished and layered sophomore effort…Judging by the talent on display here, there's no need for desperation - the future looks bright for Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank.”

- John Hansen, Brainerd Dispatch

“…an all-acoustic act that bounces around in rootsy folk and blues territory, with a heavy dose of Dylan and "American Beauty"-fied Dead.”

- Chris Riemenschneider, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“The results are pure gold; a groovy — almost danceable — genre-buster of epic proportions…an undeniable fact emerges: The Hobo Nephews are the new kings of Highway 61.”

- Matthew R. Perrine, Duluth Budgeteer News

“The Alexys are rootsy chameleons whose musicianship serves the song above all else… This music is back porch with a freight train whistle in the distance — unpretentious and inviting at the same time.”

- John Ziegler, Duluth News Tribune


The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank (2005)
Sing! (2007)
One For The Time Capsule EP (2008)
Traveling Show (2009)

Set List

Original material with various folk, blues and rearranged pop covers tossed in for good measure. Sets typically last between 1.5 and 3 hours.