The Hogan Twins

The Hogan Twins


Comedy novelty act from Sydney, with a repertoire of twist endings, strange characters and two part harmonies.


So... hey we're twins.

... Both of us.

Anyway, now that we've laid the complete gimmick out to you [You should see us play live, it's like you're seeing double, but you're not], we'd better let you know more.

We just got bored of singing these songs alone, at home, to our cat, so we just thought we'd record them on our crappy little recorder, and we think they sound pretty neat. They're completely pointless, at times cross the line, but who cares? Music is about freedom of expression, having no trouble with censorship, and most importantly, [explicit removed].


Invisible Brothers

Written By: Thomas Hogan

And boy was the doctor confused during the ultrascan
And forever would he be
Especially when the woman gave birth
It definitely was no sight to see

'Cause they were invisible brothers
And they both had invisible underwear
It was bought by their biological mother
Who never even knew if the brothers were there

Roger was slightly shorter than Timmy
But who would ever know?
So Roger just told people he was taller and Timmy would cry, hiding alone
They weren't identical twins but they looked pretty much the same
Timmy used to be naughty and pretend to be Roger but noone else understood the game

Cause they were invisible brothers
And they both had invisible friends
Who were also, incidentally, invisible brothers
Even though they were pretend

They were invisible brothers
And they saw through their lies
They saw right through each other
And they saw through each disguise

One day they went walking amongst all the trees
And they lost sight of each other
Both walking in circles looking for the other
And they were never seen again... again

Cause they were invisible brothers
And they vanished without traces
And because they were invisible brothers
Noone could remember their faces...



Set List

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Invisible Brothers
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