The Hold

The Hold


"The Hold's" music covers the entire gambit of hard rock- everything from head banging rhythms reminiscent of Danzig or early ZZ Top, all the way to poppy anthems sure to drive anyone's fist into the air and cause them to forget their crappy job and tip the barmaid a few extra bucks.


In the summer of 2003... in a town that laughed at the thought of a real rock band and reveled in off-time, indie, avant, emo, screamy, nonrock... in the wake of a band ending, near fatal tour bus fiasco... at a time in America when it was pretty hard to think of a "rock band" on the radio that didn't have a dj, long time best friends and seekers of truth, justice and the American dream, Robinson Moore and Dave Kotinsley deceided to start the rock band that could save the radio from mediocrity and bring the mantle of glory back to its true home- the hall of hard rock.
They immediately recruited the rippinest dudes in town for the rhythm section- Kevin Scott (White Dove Frisbee Team and Strike Force Diablo) on drums and Tony Depaolo (Standing Tall and Kumite) on bass. With their thunder underneath Kotinsley's bluesy shred and Moore's soaring grit, they began writing rock songs that to them seemed totally undeniable. Unfortunately the local scene was more than capable at denying them, and at first it seemed like no one would take them seriously; The Hold's in your face hard rock, not out of place at a biker bar was in total conflict with the local Gainesville climate of emo/punk, and in contrast with pop culture at large- but people are starting to come around...
The Hold would not be stopped- and in spite of their difficulties with finding like minded bands to play with or any kind of attention for that matter they decided to proceed with their destiny and made the fateful decision to record a demo at Rec Room Studios with grammy award-winning producer Ronny Caites.
Why was it a fateful decision?
Because the songs rip!
Now, with this recording, a giant Chevy van 20, a few tshirts, a new phenom drummer- D.J. Martin, a couple of years experience, nothing to loose and the motto "unrelenting in the pursuit of glory" to support them,The Hold are on the road as much as they can be, and proving that rock is not dead, and that there are people out there who want rock and discovering kindred bands out there playing real hard rock. The Hold is either playing at a bar near you or wishing they were, and waiting for everyone to realize that brit pop night is over- rock's back in town.
"We've played the St. Pete State Theater, and we've played greasy bars that barely had room for a drum kit, but no matter where we play we always bring it" says front man Robinson Moore. The "it" probably refers to that unique energy that can only be found in a live musical performance, and The Hold are most certainly a live band. Just like all the great rock bands before them you'll get the idea from the recording, but you won't get "it" 'till you see 'em live.
The gears are turning and this young unsigned band is growing everyday with more converts at their live shows, more merch sales and more hits on their myspace page all the time and will soon be hard to ignore, just like the imminant come back of hard rock itself.
If you're looking for whining fashion models replaying Ruby Tuesday, or childish growling drop d false metal or well groomed over-polished, produced to death Creed impersonators, skip this band. But if you're interested in a band that is what they play and willing to do what ever it takes to get thier message of freedom, rebellion and the the good life to the masses with hard rock from the same vein as Motly Crue, AC/DC, Danzig, Soundgarden, etc.,etc., etc.,.... , then do yourself a favor and join up with The Hold Nation!


6 song demo available through, or at the show
demo tracks available for download at myspace site.

Set List

Our typical set lasts about 45 minutes, although to play longer wouldn't be hard. We start always with the anthemic "Every Mile Run" and usually don't stop until we've raged through 4 songs or so, and then after a quick chug of water and anything we can do to get the auidience excited we set it ablaze again, only stopping to tune or stay hydrated. We've been known to cover "Livin' After Midnight" by Priest or "From Here To Eternity" by Maiden and although covers are not a big part of our set, we sometimes try to give the crowd something familiar and something to let them know where we're coming from. Our sound is loud, big and raw and we are very active performers!