The Hollands!

The Hollands!


The Hollands! are seasoned concert performers, engaging audiences with their intimate merrymaking.


The Hollands! are a full-time internationally touring family based in the US via Australia with a knack for engaging audiences and rousing a sing-a long. They are 21st century nomadic travelers and frolic in the organic folk revival scene.

Jana Holland, originally a Michigander, has traveled between three continents, with an interest in songs of old and desire for the laymen to experience community through song. Her willingness to give any instrument "a go" has transposed into offerings on the Mandolin, Banjo and Guitar. Jana's deep minor tones and angelic voice extend solace to all who listen. She sets the mood and embraces your mind with her poetic yet ground level lyrics.

Delicate and natural harmonies are added by daughter and gifted vocalist, Graciana Holland. This little darling is stunning and immediately evokes a desire to hear more. She is also accomplished on the Ukelele and Piano.

Craig, a native of Australia, began his music career playing punk, including a 7 year stint in Ballydowse, a Chicago-based Celtic Punk band recorded by famed indie producer, Steve Albini. Craig offers the element of unique sound that pulls the music of The Hollands! in a different direction than traditional folk. When Craig is playing the Taylor acoustic, the rhythms are almost Celtic by nature.

Named after the infamous Australia bush Poet, Banjo Patterson, the youngest Holland, "Banjo" is a force to reckoned with on the Cajon’ and other percussion instruments.

By the end of their performance, audiences will feel like they are part of the band. This is the experience and magic that happens when The Hollands! come to town.

The Hollands! are members of the International Folk Alliance, Concerts in Your Home- USA, Australia and Europe.



Written By: Jana Holland

Perched in these trees
Conspicuously spying on me
Long history
Time stands still, silent screams

My baby done me wrong
Hear the mocking birds song
Listen for the sheiks
As they half heartedly sing

Of ancient wars,
Blood runs deep
Heartbreak hotel
Where the cheating kind meet

My baby done me wrong
Hear the mocking birds song
Listen for the sheiks
As they half heartedly sing

I am not home
Among these barren trees
Maybe I’d come back
In the spring when all is green

My baby….

Old Man's Town

Written By: The Hollands!

Sing my woes
Sing my joy
Sing my friends
Now don't be coy
Sing my sad and pretty song
Sing oh sing, oh sing along

Some days I feel so blue
Joy comes remembering you

The fields of youth are full of flowers
The wine of youth is strong
What need of we to count the hours
The summer days are long
But soon we find to our dismay
That we are drifting down
The barren slops that fall away
And lead to old man's town

Marching with us on that path
Many friends we'll find
We see them looking sadly back
For those they've lost behind
But God forbid a fate so dread
Alone to travel down
The dreary road we all must tread
On the road to old man's town


Over Land and Leas - Dutchy Love Records, Released April 2013

Ashes To Beauty - Dutchy Love Records, Released March 2011

To Holland, With Love - Released April 2009

*ONE* - E.P 2007 release
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Tribute To Grace- Single 2006

Set List

2/45 min sets more or less.