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Fort Collins, Colorado, United States | SELF

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band Folk Rock


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"Expanding Consciousness – The Holler! Bridges the Gap Between Folk and Psychedelia"

The May 7 release show for their new album Gratitude coincides with their annual Beltane masquerade party (Beltane is a pagan holiday commemorating the mid-point between the spring equinox and summer solstice). These festivals are an important part of the band’s ethos.
“I believe that the way a community celebrates plays a huge role in defining that community” Kirkpatrick says. “Obviously, when you’re celebrating, I think that there’s a heightened vibration that borders on the edge of a spiritual experience. And when you start to feel that spiritual experience and everyone around you – at least by the looks on their face – might be going through the same thing, it makes the celebration more powerful.”

For The Holler!, that means inclusiveness in the form of dance troupes that have joined that party at previous events, as well as the participation of the audience.

“When I play music, I’m chasing something, and it’s the exchange of energy with the fellow musicians, because that’s really special” says Poto. “It becomes spiritual in a way. But then that energy, and especially with the crowd – you pass it to them, they amplify it and send it back. It becomes regenerative after a while.”

“Last night was one of those nights when the crowd was just giving it back to us. And you could just feel that exchange of energy” says Adams of the band’s FoCoMX gig at Bar SS.

Gratitude will be the first album as The Holler!, though Kirkpatrick has been operating under variations of the moniker for several years, releasing albums as Wildwood Holler! and HandPicked Holler! and changing the name as new members joined. The addition of Poto on bass, following the departure of previous bassist Josh Beard, spurred the new, shorter name.

The album was recorded in Kirkpatrick’s basement and mixed and mastered by Kris Smith at his Haus of Kraus studio. It’s a low-budget affair, but lacks none of the depth and richness of previous efforts. Though traditional Appalachian bluegrass structures and melodies play a role in The Holler!’s music, the band is hesitant to limit themselves with a “-grass” tag. True to the “folk music without boundaries” ethos, they incorporate a variety of elements, from Celtic and rock to a bit of reggae.

And while improvisatory nature of the live show occasionally goes into “jam” territory, the band holds to the folk ideal of keeping the lyrics central. Kirkpatrick characterizes The Holler! as “minstrels,” writing about contemporary issues, even politics, but in a way that leaves the door open to multiple interpretations.

Kirkpatrick cites “Bluejay” from Gratitude, summing the confluence of folk and psychedelic aspects embodied by the band.

“From the outsider’s perspective, you could look at this song and listen to the words and think, ‘Oh, this is a song about blowing up dams.’ But, you know, there are all sorts of dams out there. There are dams in your consciousness; in your own mode of operation that prevent you from experiencing things.”

The Holler! will celebrate the release of Gratitude – as well as Beltane – at The Mishawaka on May 7 with Constitution. Be sure to bring a mask and plenty of energy, and check out for ticket information. To find out more about the band, go to
- The Scene Magazine

"The Holler! - Gratitude"

The Holler!’s latest album, Gratitude, is just plain good. The sweet harmonies and laid-back songs could only have come from a group so closely connected with the landscape of Colorado. The group’s songwriting is second-to-none, creating a diverse album that holds quick to its mountain roots. There is some subtle magic going on here as The Holler! swiftly and thoroughly draws you in with their one-of-a-kind lyricism and finger-pickin’ goodness.

Gratitude is a strange mixture of The Meat Puppets’ sound and Ween’s 12 Golden Country Greats; the tracks roll along with an ease that keeps the listener engrossed and wanting more long after the album is over. The combination of folk, country, bluegrass and reggae ensures a wide palate of tastes to choose from.

“Yellow Moon” grabs your attention with knee-slapping cadence, and the imagery of the lyrics paints a vivid picture of good-ole country times. The guitar and mandolin play off of each other during a brief solo section, showcasing the talent of the band. Everything is well balanced, and the song doesn’t run on beyond its means.

“Duck’s Back” delves into a reggae-like groove, but still manages to maintain the magnetism of a bluegrass song. It is about the lessons learned from one’s parents, and the maturity instilled by their wisdom; “Like my father told me/and great men before told him/let it roll off like water on a duck’s back/and don’t forget to wear your grin.”

Overall, Gratitude is a brave album, jumping between genres while still keeping The Holler!’s unique sound at the forefront. Pick up a copy of this one; you’ll be grateful you did.
- The Scene Magazine


Exclamation (2005)
Round Trip (2007)
Road to Gemini (2009)
Gratitide (2011)



In the canyons of influence, with child-like eyes and wonder, these tone chasers relentlessly explore their roots in acoustic music and dramatic lyricism. This band’s bottomless cup of original repertoire is led by mandolin obsessed songsmith Michael Kirkpatrick, whose voice resonates with evangelical theatrics and gratitude. Hot-shot guitar slinger Brian Adams picks some of the tastiest licks this side of Garciaville. With Brad Poto on bass guitar and Kris Smith on drums, The Holler!’s energetic live show is fortified with a groove that induces movement of body and mind. 9 years of sonic wanderlust has seen the band through many forms, employing sitar, keyboards, tuba, lap steel, accordion and world percussion into their evolving acoustic folk-rock format. Their repertoire artistically celebrates reverence for nature, the exploration of human consciousness, and their passion for festive community gatherings while echoing the Colorado landscape The Holler! calls home. In addition to original music, The Holler! has fun twisting up songs by influences such as: Led Zeppelin, Bjork, The Grateful Dead, Ween, Roger McGuinn, Taj Mahal, The Highwaymen, and Darrell Scott. They have a charismatic ability to connect with a diverse demographic of music lovers, shaking up dance floors, elevating love frequencies, and having lots of fun along the way!