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The best kept secret in music


While the majority of these Warped Tour and MTV generation punk bands are conforming to the formula of playing a cookie cutter sound and singing about girls and the whole emo victim hood thing, the Hollow Points are telling its listeners what they need to know with a gritty sound that comes straight from the streets. (...) What really makes The Black Spot a good listen is the strangulating vocals of lead singer and guitarist Matty. If you didn't know that capitalism is the easiest system to corrupt for massive financial gains, then it's probably a miracle that you can tie your own shoelaces, because you are one dumb, blind, fucker. The Hollow Points know however, that the American way is not ethically digestible and show it with the crystal clear lyrics on the menacing stride of "Hooks & Sink-her" as "Ropes End" is a riff-filled number that Matty serenades with pure fortitude in his voice. (...) Members of the Hollow Points may have been born about twenty years too late to be a part of the early 80's heyday of the American underground hardcore sound that their sound adheres to, but that's okay because we need their blatant disgust for the sociopolitical climate right here and now. They have shown on The Black Spot that they are an edgy young band with wide potential for being pissed off with energetic instrumentation. Be on the lookout for these guys because they'll come into your town, set fire to everything they touch, and walk away as it all burns. - Chris Pacifico /

Aside form having the best name in punk rock in years, THE HOLLOW POINTS truly are cascading with pure style and originality, something that has been lacking for a while and as soon as I heard their 7" I was hooked on them. This is what I was waiting for. The song-writing is seamless... it,s fresh yet familiar. The vocals are spot-on and the whole thing grabs you and entangles you and it,s a brilliant feeling. It,s been a long time since I was this excited about a band and I can,t wait to see them live so I hope they,re planning a European tour at some stage. It,s hard to place the HOLLOW POINTS' sound since they,re not directly comparable to anything, but if I had to equate their style I,d say perhaps somewhere between older and newer SOCIAL DISTORTION but with a huge dose of something else... something new... pure HOLLOW POINTS. The sound is heavy and melodic and youthful. It,s urgent and exciting with full-on production. Did I mention this CD excites me? - NFT (UK) - Marco, --NFT (UK)

ils font tout de même un excellent travail. - Punkmeup (France)
Shazaam. The Black Spot starts off with a blow to the head, draws attention to a powerful rock n roll punksound. After a very strong and fast start, the melody kicks in on "The Sickness". This album, produced by none other than punk-legend Duane Peters, refers to the good ole, Social D, Anti Flag and has some late 70,s Oi-influences. The Hollow Points certainly show a tremendous amount of talent, extremely catchy songwriting and which in my opinion is one of the biggest problems with the genre- they spice up their songs with some pretty cool vocal outbursts to bring in some more melody and add emphasis to their mostly political- message. - Munchkin Music (Belgium) - - Munchkin Music (Belgium)


Bullet Holes in City Walls CD on Pop Militia Records
Annihilation EP on Dirtnap Records
Charcoal Tears 7” on Disaster Records
The Black Spot CD on Disaster Records
Hollowpoints/Axes of Evil split 7” on New Regard Media


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Hollowpoints come at you with all they have got and deliver some of the most menacing, energetic and surprisingly catchy punk rock to come out in some time. Never compromising integrity, the Hollowpoints stick to their guns and pay homage to the music they were raised on. There is definitely an early street punk influence in the music that the Hollowpoints play, but there is so much more. They combine hardcore, street punk and classic So Cal skate punk with their own little flavor to create a sound that is all their own. They even throw in a bit of folk music influence, which is done with precision. The Hollowpoints formed 4 years ago in Seattle Wa. Matty and Benny have been playing in bands together since they were young teenagers in Port Townsend Wa. After moving to Seattle when they were of age, they found the drummer they were looking for all along, in Dan Colley. The three of them have since released an Ep, a couple 7 inches and two full length records. The latest full length, The Black Spot, released on Duane Peters, Disaster Records. "The Black Spot" is a record that shows that the Hollowpoints are an edgy young band with wide potential for being a very well known band. All this time the Hollowpoints have also been paying their dues on the road. They have toured the country several times, playing with the likes of The Briefs, Toxic Narcotic, The Distillers, The Exploited, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes and the US Bombs to name a few. With the recent addition of Will on guitar the Hollowpoints sound is everything it was meant to be. This is only the beginning. The band is heading across the pond this fall for a 2 month UK tour and will return to put out another record in 2007. Keep your ears open and eyes peeled.