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"The Hollowpoints -The Black Spot"

While the majority of these Warped Tour and MTV generation punk bands are conforming to the formula of playing a cookie cutter sound and singing about girls and the whole emo victim hood thing, the Hollow Points are telling its listeners what they need to know with a gritty sound that comes straight from the streets. (...) What really makes The Black Spot a good listen is the strangulating vocals of lead singer and guitarist Matty. If you didn't know that capitalism is the easiest system to corrupt for massive financial gains, then it's probably a miracle that you can tie your own shoelaces, because you are one dumb, blind, fucker. The Hollow Points know however, that the American way is not ethically digestible and show it with the crystal clear lyrics on the menacing stride of "Hooks & Sink-her" as "Ropes End" is a riff-filled number that Matty serenades with pure fortitude in his voice. (...) Members of the Hollow Points may have been born about twenty years too late to be a part of the early 80's heyday of the American underground hardcore sound that their sound adheres to, but that's okay because we need their blatant disgust for the sociopolitical climate right here and now. They have shown on The Black Spot that they are an edgy young band with wide potential for being pissed off with energetic instrumentation. Be on the lookout for these guys because they'll come into your town, set fire to everything they touch, and walk away as it all burns. - Chris Pacifico /
- pivotal rage/Chris Pacifico

"The Hollowpoints -The Black Spot"

Aside form having the best name in punk rock in years, THE HOLLOW POINTS truly are cascading with pure style and originality, something that has been lacking for a while and as soon as I heard their 7" I was hooked on them. This is what I was waiting for. The song-writing is seamless... it,s fresh yet familiar. The vocals are spot-on and the whole thing grabs you and entangles you and it,s a brilliant feeling. It,s been a long time since I was this excited about a band and I can,t wait to see them live so I hope they,re planning a European tour at some stage. It,s hard to place the HOLLOW POINTS' sound since they,re not directly comparable to anything, but if I had to equate their style I,d say perhaps somewhere between older and newer SOCIAL DISTORTION but with a huge dose of something else... something new... pure HOLLOW POINTS. The sound is heavy and melodic and youthful. It,s urgent and exciting with full-on production. Did I mention this CD excites me? - NFT (UK)
- NFT Zine (UK)

"Anti patriot Act"

The HollowPoints haven't written their rock opera--they're more rooted in the dirt-under-the-nails hooks of Social Distortion and early Rancid than Green Day's pearly mainstream pop--but they do rest their music on a platform that's deeply invested in our country's welfare. On "The Sickness," from their new full-length, The Black Spot, bassist Ben Early sings, "Americans, they look away/pretend everything's okay/until this fight returns under the flag/the public stays afraid/of our new Iraqi slaves/we invade to save the world trade/Haliburton sets the score to reap the benefits of war/so they fill the pockets, fill your coffin" Throughout the album (released on Duane Peters' Disaster Records) the cycles of corporate political bedfellows, economic oppression, and American apathy build into powerful anthems that could rally the most lethargic punk into challenging the status quo, or, at the very least, hitting the pit better connected to the antiestablishment generation. Early explains, "[Punk] is on the fringes for a reason; you have to keep your own ethics in check. Plenty of punk bands can and have done well in the mainstream, but it's a hard line to walk between sending a message and following suit with what you think is right." (...) The young band has matured fast in its four years to become one of Seattle's most well-respected punk bands--locally and nationally. After some lineup adjustments, Early shares the stage with drummer Dan and guitarist Matty, and the combination gives new meaning to the phrase "power trio." In comparison to their Bullet Holes in City Walls debut and Annihilation EP, The Black Spot is just as feral but uncoils their energy with more thought for crafting catchy rock 'n' roll anthems--anthems that easily keep pace with the larger bands with whom they've shared stages: the Distillers, Swingin' Utters, and the Exploited. Nearly every song starts at a 10 and ratchets up the energy level to choruses that would sound jubilant were they not really about the atrocities of violence and dictator nations. - Jennifer Maerz / Read the complete interview with The Stranger
- The Stranger (Seattle WA)

"The Hollowpoints -The Black Spot"

Co-produced by Duane Peters, Seattle’s Hollow Points deliver a worthwhile collection of streetwise punk with mammoth geetar. This is the trio’s third release and showcases the thousands of road miles amassed in the past 12-months. First track in “Never Say Die” may well be the groups mantra as they’ve criss-crossed the country playing with the likes of The Distillers, The Bones, Throw Rag and TSOL. The track takes full advantage of drummer Lucky’s quick footing, keeping the tempo erratic and sonically hyper. “The Sickness” keeps the band refreshed by adding memorable hooks in Green Day fashion with guitarist Matty making the most out of his three-chord phrasing. Then there’s the image ready “Hooks and Sink-her,” “Sleaze of Seven Seas” and “My Misfortune” all capitalizing on the band’s Pirate-like image.

Complete with gangland lyrics and grounded by a meaty chug, “Rope’s End” has the taste of SoCal punk with Peter’s distinct production edge. Bashing fast, melodic guitars into sports fan-like chants keeps all 14 of the records three-minute numbers poised and ready for cult status. Only a couple numbers drop out a bit. “Telltale American” lacks completion and could use more work but is easily redeemed by “Bereaved” a hypnotic beat joined by bassist, Benny to create a tidal wave of sonic energy. For guitarist Matty the record is a theme park of dirty guitar and swashbuckling irreverence. Title track, “The Black Spot” feeds the social anger of the trio’s ear-bleeding angst while “The Hemingway Solution,” their term for suicide, features Matty’s best solo yet. Razor sharp riffs, punk spirit and a taste for melodic swagger keep this one on the top of the heep.

- The Cutting Edge .net


* 2003: Bullet Holes in City Walls (full length), Pop Militia Records
* 2003: Dirtnap Across the Northwest (compilation)
* 2004: Annihilation (EP), Dirtnap Records
* 2005: Old Skars and Upstarts Compilation, Disaster Records
* 2005: Charcoal Tears/Sky Turned Black (7”), Disaster Records
* 2006: The Black Spot (full length), Disaster Records
* 2006: Split 7” with Axes of Evil, New Regard Media
* 2006: Old Skars and Upstarts 505 compilation, Disaster Records
* 2006: Split 7” with Dead Ones USA, NFT/Drunk n’Roll Records
* 2006: I Killed Punk Rock compilation, Bouncing Betty Records
* 2006: Warped tour DIY Stage compilation.



So Me and Matty went out and got some guitars one day when we were 13 and decided to start a band; we played for a few years and moved from the woods of Port Townsend into Seattle. There we got our drummer Dan, who was from near our woods in Port Angeles. We went on a bunch of tours and ended up with another guy from the middle of nowhere on guitar, Will. Move to the city, get a bunch of people from the woods out of it, go figure.... We have released one full length record, another one you will never ever find, an EP, a hand full of 7"s, one in europe. We recorded with DP, lived through it, played in Serbia, got really drunk on Rakia. We have been homeless, starved, locked up, robbed (lots of times wtf?) We have stolen gas, not proud of it, but it happened. One time Mattys girlfriend tried to bring a butterfly knife on the plane in Frankfurt and now she cant go back to Germany, at least we think...... We hit a semi not wearing seatbelts and walked away, but if still hurt.....Used AAA for at least a week to get to shows, bribed border guards, never paid a parking ticket! Anyway, now we have a new record called "Old Haunts on the Horizon" and it pretty much puts these themes to music. --BennyHP