The Hollows

The Hollows


Gentle folkish music, which sees guitars, organs, piano and drums meld seamlessly with soft electronics and warm vocals. Reminiscent of early Granddaddy or Sparklehorse’s quieter moments.


The Hollows are Dublin based duo Greg O'Brien and Gary Morrison. They first met each other twelve years ago at the secondary school they attended and since then they have been playing music together. They started out playing together in a band called "Our Space Age Army". The Music they created then was guitar laden rock which took influence from many bands including Mogwai, Godspeed you black emperor!, Joy Division and Pavement.

In 2001 "Our Space Age Army" disbanded but Greg and Gary continued to make music together. It was with the creation of this music that "The Hollows" were born. The Duo have been creating music under the name "the hollows" for five years now and in this time they have released a mini album ("Seeking to stand Beautifully on the Earth" 2002), An E.P. ("We could sleep this season through" 2004) and have most recently released their debut full length album ("it was on fire when i lay down on it" 2006) on independent Dublin based label Slow Loris. They are also currently working on a new e.p. due for release in early autumn 2006.

Since they formed the hollows have played with many high profile Irish bands including Paul O’Reilly, The Frames, Josh Ritter (America), Mic Cristopher, Nina Hynes, Windings, Miriam Ingram, Crayonsmith, The Coldspoon Conspiracy, Ian Whitty, Northstation, Steve Fanagan, Karl Him, Aaron Coyne (Mirakil whip) and The Pat Cannons.


"It was on fire when i lay down on it" - Slow Loris 2006 - full lenght album.

"We could sleep this season through" - Slow Loris - 2004 - E.P.

"Seeking to stand Beautifully on the Earth" - released independently 2002 - Mini album.

Set List

At present we play roughly nine songs a set which is about thirty five to forty minutes of music and generally only play our own music. A typical set list is as follows:

1. Old
2. Cavalry
3. Hopelessly you gave hope
4. Stay here with me tonight
5. Innocent yet secure
6. Bedside
7. Close My Eyes
8. Grand Plans and hospitals
9. Heavens Mouth