The Holy Child
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The Holy Child

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
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"Road Artists"

Yesterday, Luck and I cruised around downtown looking for stuff. We didn't find any actions to document or support, but we enjoyed the cool November sun, nonetheless. The farmer's market buzzed with beautiful and good people offering and collecting vegetables, breads, cheeses, and organic coffee for their vittles. Two guys set up an old-timey and hand-cranked forge and were smithing away. These days, this time of year, is when Santa Cruz is at its best. Without the tidal surge of tourism, the regular influx of students seems marginal and kind. Nothing is to stop you from pausing in front of the St. George's hotel to listen to the blues streaming out of a fifth story window.
I know that there was a ton of action in Oakland, yesterday. Big props to all of the work that led to a mostly nonviolent shutdown of the port. It's not my style to force the hand of the law, but I am open to thinking about why it might be important. Oakland has become a lightning rod, and the storms, well they loom on the distant horizon. I'm still interested in focusing on aspects of the movement that might be more uplifting or inspiring to those who believe in non-violence.
Luckily for me, there was a Occupy oriented band playing a free show at Streetlight Records. I put Luck in the truck and followed the booming sounds inside where a five person band was banging out heartfelt songs. I came to find out that they are called "The Holy Child" for several reasons. For one thing, they are purportedly stoners, and their initials spell out THC, but also they have a mission that keeps them apart. They are holy insofar as they separate themselves from the capital driven world of commerce as much as possible by taking to the road to promote their music themselves.
The rock and roll revolution changed this country for the better because it launched a lifestyle on the road that Kerouac made famous in its early years. Since the 50s, musicians have carried on this legacy, traveling the country and making work from their experiences. This storytelling that comes from the bumps and accidental revelations of life outside the bounds of local safety nets continues to be a relevant and compelling source of culture. Check out The Holy Child online, and look for their van or another van like theirs. - Jake J. Thomas

"The Holy Child"

The Holy Child did an amazing job of closing the curtains on another amazing night of music. Combining live energy with gospel-tinged harmonies and psychedelic melodies, their sound was certainly anything but orthodox.They put a lovely ray of technicolor into the fabric of JMWest LIVE!, as nothing can help a band stand out more than creating a sound and image all their own. - Jmwest LIVE!


Born (In the Land of the Free)
Southern Dream
Nah Nah
As a Child
The Birds (and Them Bees)
Tell Her
In the Sky



The Holy Child started in the year of our lord 2009. The Holy Child set out to create something pure as well as innovative and new. The Holy Child consist of five family members doing everything they can to make music their life's only goal. The Holy Child is not a Christian band, but it is very spiritual. Through the power of love and music one can create their own heaven or reality. Their stellar live performance, dynamic hooks and rhythmic beats will surely have you a rumblin' and a tumblin' all night long.