The Holy Fire

The Holy Fire


"Hands down this EP redefines what a rock band from Detroit should sound like. These guys toss out the garage revival and burn the trashcan with their ability to blend original rock riffs and a dark pop influence." -Real Detroit Weekly


The Holy Fire began in early 2004 after a studio project that turned out better than planned (and also birthed the band’s self-titled EP, recorded in Toronto in late 2003). Singer/guitarist Sean Hoen had known drummer Nick Marko as a fellow Pixies and Husker Dü fan after years of late night conversations in Detroit dive bars. Bassist Nathan Miller, Hoen’s compatriot in the frighteningly fucked-up Thoughts of Ionesco soon got involved along with their friend, art enthusiast/guitarist Ryan Wilson. “That was when the band formed and we had some kind of desperate telepathy and approached songs the same way. Everyone also wanted to rock, which I had pretty much given up on,” says Hoen of the lineup’s formation.

In 2004, the Toronto recording sessions were released as a self-titled EP that included the plodding and punchy “Lift Off Message” and five other gritty blasts of Afghan Whigs-meets-the Replacements-meets-My Bloody Valentine-influenced noise. Punk Planet called the EP “thoroughly impressive” while Real Detroit Weekly wrote “hands down this EP redefines what a rock band from Detroit should sound like.”

In April 2004, the band booked their first show, opening for TV on the Radio at the Magic Stick in Detroit. Playing to over 300 people, the combination of intensity and passion that they already attached to their fledgling songs made it easy for the band to plug in and play with their hearts sewn blood-filled on their black short sleeves.

Hoen describes the band’s chemistry, saying, “Ryan brings the color, flamboyance and sprawling, pretty spaciousness. Nick gives everything a primal, very physical sort of passion. He plays hard even when he is sitting back and also has a really good sense of creating things out of improvs; he’s a very emotional drummer. I think I bring the imagery and hooks and structural bases of the songs as well as a taste of paranoia. Nathan is kind of the sonic and emotional glue.”

In January, 2006, The Holy Fire signed with indie label The Militia Group. A second EP will be released on February 21, 2006 and is produced by Flaming Lips bass player Michael Ivins. A full-length and national tour will come later in the year.


Lift Off Message

Written By: The Holy Fire

Lift me off
Above torn skies and the 401
Somehow, a placebo and a new low

And we’ve lied it will all be clean tonight
Once you push me up and off into the lights
In the rising moon
We’ll crush our lives and raise the new

Once the Saints have all left town
They’re bound in iron, on stolen time, and far from home

So let’s get the best room in the house
And paint the walls
Up in our blood
If tonight’s not life

Feel the tingle of letting go

The saints aren’t coming, the saints aren’t coming home
They’re not coming, the saints aren’t coming home

Just up these steps and turn the key…

They seem so small tonight
Above we feel invincible
They seem so small tonight

They seems so small tonight
The stratosphere collapsing under moonlight
They seem so small, they seems so small

Dreams To Spend

Written By: The Holy Fire

And you still believe in life
But all I need to breathe
Is that you still believe in mine

The city’s turning all my love tos in
I wann get it back, I wanna let you know
We’ll burn the dream and run like hell to leave
I wanna get you back, I wanna let you know

That I’ve got more dreams than I could ever spend
I hear them screaming
There’s a man I want to kill and bury before we leave
And I’ve got enough ghosts to wake us at the wheel
So, don’t worry, first one last look at this place we used to be

Hold me now, I’m not right
Be my last time everytime before we go

If you still believe in life
Do you still believe in mine?

Bombs In The Distance

Written By: The Holy Fire

Double lock the doors tonight
With all the evil on their minds

The weight is gone so now we feel this
And I’ll be there this time

To widen the space of the room
To complete the storm between me and you

The weight is gone so now we feel this
And I’ll be there this time
The weight it gone so they can’t hold us too close
They’re too far from shore
And their boats are on fire on top of the water

This room is all we know don’t let me go, it’s not so far away
Let’s watch from the windows the bombs in the distance


5/10/05 - The Holy Fire (S/T EP) (Down Peninsula Audio)
2/21/06 - In the Name of the World (EP) (The Militia Group)