The Homecoming String Band

The Homecoming String Band


The Homecoming String Band is all about having a good time. Their mixture of Appalachian and Celtic Roots music has universal appeal and is ideal for bringing people of all ages and musical tastes together, celebrating the vibrant connections between Scottish and North American musical traditions.


The band (aged between 23 and 30) have been playing together for a year, and have already made an impact with appearances at sporting functions such as the Great 100 Cycle Race, major charity fundraising events and as part of the National Museum of Scotland Homecoming programme. Jed Milroy’s banjo, Suzanne Adam on fiddle and guitar from Sandy Butler combine with sparkling close-harmony vocals from all three, in an energetic blend of traditional and modern songs and tunes. The trio are often joined by bass and drums for extra depth and drive.
A troubadour at heart, Jed is happiest plucking the banjo and singing to a drunken mob. He has played in a variety of projects, from major label rock group ‘The Aliens’ to busking on the streets of Edinburgh. Sandy was raised in a recording studio, surrounded by great musicians and songwriters, so it is not surprising that he is happiest when twanging strings in a revoltingly precocious manner, given his tender age (born July 1986, should you wish to send him a birthday card).
Suzanne has been playing professionally since age 14, cutting her teeth on traditional ceilidhs in Scotland's capital city. Her fantastically versatile voice and sensitive fiddle style is much in demand for session and gig work but she loves the Homecoming boys the best!


Live demo EP (3 tracks) released Jan 2009

Set List

The band can work with any type or size of audience. They can play and ‘call’ set dances in the ceilidh/barn dance style as well as a varied repertoire of bluegrass, folk, country and contemporary music , perfect for freestyle parties and festivals. The band members are all highly experienced performers who love getting a crowd going - fun to watch and great to listen to. Here is a typical 2 x 45 minute set list:

1. Old black crow
2. Roughhead Mountain
3. Jolene
4. Old Home Place
5. Deeper Well
6. Vincent Black Lightning
7. Rollin’ in my sweet baby’s arms
8. Oh No!
1. Swimming Song
2. Devil’s paintbrush road
3. Foggy mountain top
4. Make my living
5. Dear Someone
6. Cripple Creek
7. Wagon Wheel
8. Cuckoo
9. Fair and gentle ladies

(Fat bottomed girls)