The Homeless Joe

The Homeless Joe


The Homeless Joe creates a muciscal experiance where almost any apprciator of music will enjoy no matter what genre. We thrive on crowd interaction and will not stop until the house is groovin! Acoustically centered, Strong Vocal Harmonies and Tasty guitar work blend for a fine musical gumbo!


So we are three guys who happen to share a great friendship and one common goal: To make great music. We all share a huge passion for writing and playing music for everyone to hear. The Homeless Joe started out when we would all get together and jam, anywhere we could. Our style is really laid back and fun, and it definitely shows in our performances. While The Homeless Joe has built a following based on sets composed of mainly cover songs, we have now started to create our own originals mixing all kinds of music styles. We look forward to getting our music out there and getting just as much hype with our new originals. Be ready to experience a "gumbo" of style with great rythms and strong vocal harmonies . . . The Homeless Joe is coming!


Journey Down A Twisted Road- EP
New Album comming Summer '07!

Set List

The Homeless Joe has enough material to cover 3.5 hours of music with few, if any repeats and maybe a small break. We generally play 50% original, 50% cover in a 3+ hour scenerio. In the case of shorter sets we move to more original material, unless the crowd is more into covers.

Example Set:
The Answer (original)> 90's pop rap medley
Wiseman - Slightly Stoopid cover
Bartender- Rehab cover
Bubble Toes - Jack Johnson Cover>
Stir it Up- Bob Marley Cover>
Creation (original)>
Take Yo Momma Out - Scissor Sisters cover
Belief - Gavin Degraw cover
Blues Jam (original)>
Feel Like Makin Love- cover


Change (original)
My Love - Justin Timberlake cover
Eulogy To The Mind (original)
Mad World- Tears For Fears cover
Gin & Juice - The Gourds Cover
Window (original)
Drive - incubus cover
FaFa- Guster Cover
Flake- Jack Johnson Cover
3 on 1 (original)
Mr. Jones - Counting Crows Cover
In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins Cover
Dinosaur- Hank Williams Jr. Cover