The Homesicks

The Homesicks


The Homesicks plays an original contemporary post-punk, glazed with synth-pop sound and a middle-east-twist on top. Their songs deals with the late capitalism, globalization oppressive forces and repossesion of human libreties, as it seems in their homeland - Israel.


The Homesicks is a five-piece Post-Punk group, They sound like a mixture of New-York No-Wave, 'Madchester' second Summer-Of-Love and early eighties New-Romantics.

The members of the band hold a double-bind musical viewpoint at the contemporary Neo-Post-Punk discourse as well as a non-nostalgic gaze at eighties-pop-music.

As 'Humanities' and 'Art' scholars, their music follows a Neo-Marxist political agenda and Continental Thought, which are manifested in their musical style and lyrics as well as in their D.I.Y Modes of Production.

'The Homesicks' recently released its highly-acclaimed debut album: "Modes of Production".
In the last three years the band has been active in the local Tel Aviv alternative music scene and they are ready to hit the road.




The Homesicks - Modes Of Production

1. Everybody wants a piece of me
2. Michelle
3. T-song
4. Kim kim
5. Hold on
6. The logical song (supertramp cover version)

Set List

this is our typical show set list of songs. it's an hour and 15 minutes long:

1. Feel the thrill
2. Argument
3. Everybody wants a piece of me
4. It's been a good day
5. Tricky
6. No more feelings
7. Hold on
8. Yo' mama
9. Painful lies
10. The logical song (supertramp cover version)
11. Michelle
12. Kim kim