The Honey Palace

The Honey Palace


1.The Honey Palace is a ROCK band that ROCKS! 2.The Honey Palace ROCK hard and loud and can ROCK intimate and 'unplugged'. 3.The Honey Palace is our creative outlet for visual-art, music and poetry. (multi-media) 4.The Honey Palace is a global statement of 'the sweetness and divinity of creation'.


The Honey Palace was originally formed in art college by wolfey in 2001, who was then studying 3D Studio-Max, animation and film. Prior to this the band was called 'One' and toured Australia's east coast with performance artists and a barrage of visuals, art and candles. (even girls dancing in cages! Byron Bay)

By 2002/3, the opportunity soon arose to record a debut album, and when wolfey was informed the band could work with a new technology called DVD plus, a concept formed to create a 'poetry-book' themed album. Being the first of its kind in the ROCK music world, DVD (plus) also now termed, 'Dual-Disc' by SONY, opened the creative flood gates. The album has 10 songs one side and nine movies on the other side, all in surround sound. The album merges music, sound-scapes, illustrations, 3D and film, and is based on the concept to 'dissolve the mind' and 'free the heart', by also using the polarites of darkness and the 'ominous beyond' and 'colour' and 'the simple beauties', to create one complete and full 'art piece'.

The Honey Palace has also gained a lot of respect from music lovers around the globe too. Not only from the bands music but also by their strong involvement with online, music web-development models (DRM etc) and the independant movement by artists onto the web from as early as 1998. (Type The Honey Palace into google)

2005 saw the band record a new Ep in the forests of Byron Bay with producer Steve James (Sex Pistols, The Jam). Soon after release, song 'My Addiction' was added to the Australian 'Grow your Own' music compilation, which resulted in airplay across major Australian radio network - NOVA 96.9fm. 2005 also saw the bands new Ep go up onto the brand new US music Hub 'Fresh Tracks Music',

With more radio play, Jan 2006 saw the band with an opportunity to go back into the studio to record what now is their latest CD-Rom release, 'She's the One!'.

The CD-Rom, is self produced by The Honey Palace,
and contains illustrated artwork, a new music video clip with a VLC Media player, two very whacky screen savers (PC and Mac) and band fotoz.
(also featured on alternate rock radio station,, in the US)

Not so much influencing but more 'inspiring' the band, are artists who let rip their own genuine take on life and the world we live in.

The Honey Palace are now back on the road again to promote their new release, touring throughout Australia in 2006. With a great fanbase here in Australia, The Honey Palace are now working towards touring the USA and Europe.


1.Silversun - Single 2001 Indy
2.Mellow Day - Ep (2002) MRA
3.Have you seen Love? - Album DVD (plus) (2003)
A poetry book themed album being the first of its kind in the music world, using the new technology of DVD (plus) also now termed 'Dual-Disc' by SONY.
4. Love Junkie - EP (2005) MGM
5. She's the one! - EP CD-Rom (2006) MGM

The band have been receiving constant airplay from Fbi 94.5, NOVA & Triple J in Sydney & Melbourne's RRR, along with many regional stations including Canberra's 2xxx, Byron Bay's Bay FM. Home Brew's HHH & many others.

The bands new music video clip has been added to RAGE, ABC 'Videos on Demand', DMX Music, SMA. She's the one! is also being played in Brothers Nielson surf stores and Billabong Australia.

New Cd-Rom release, 'She's The One!' is distributed nationally in Australia by MGM and is available in all good music stores!

Also available online through iTunes Australia, Telstra Bigpond, Martian

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Set List

Current Set July 2006.
1) She's the one!'
2) Bus Ride To No Where
3) Love Junkie
4) Ginger Wine & Ovaltine
5) Egg Man
6) Jade Horse Imortal Rider
7) Get Back On Your Feet Again
8) My Addiction
9) 23 Candles
10) Sunburst Freak