Honky Tonk Hustlas

Honky Tonk Hustlas


High-Octane Honky-Tonk from the Heart of Dixie


The Honky Tonk Hustlas are a Montgomery, Alabama-based string band, blending traditional American roots music with their own rowdy style of raw, outlaw country hellfire. They’ve got a down and dirty, old-school sound with a new twisted philosophy and a couple six-shooters to back it up. The Hustlas are led by gritty, high-lonesome vocals, accompanied by guitar and mandolin, and anchored by slap-style upright bass. They write and perform in a traditional style with punk rock undertones, mixing elements of rockabilly and bluegrass to create their own hellbilly brand of high-octane honky-tonk.


Hallways of the Always - (2008 - Brown Glove Music) - LP

Set List

1. Devil Let Me Be
2. Livin' My Life Alone
3. Hallways of the Always
4. The Path I Tread
5. Wastin' My Time
6. Fallen Once Again
7. Torn Between Two
8. You Ran Me Off
9. Dark Lost Soul
10. Stone Cold Heart
11. Ed's On the Prowl
12. Cheatin'
13. Demoniac
14. Blood Mountain
15. Right & Wrong
16. Drinkin' With My Friends
17. South of Nashville
18. Don't Give a Damn
19. Death's Cold Sting
20. Corporate Man
21. My Worst Enemy
22. After I'm Gone
23. Never Gonna Quit
24. Don't Hold Me Down
25. Down & Out
26. You Were the One
27. Life is Hell
28. Buried Alive

We are primarily an original band, but the covers we typically play include songs by Hank Williams Sr., Hank III, Johnny Cash, and Wayne Hancock.