The Hoodoogang

The Hoodoogang


The Hoodoogang is proud about the fact that they created a unique sound in the blues. We call it Hoodooblues.


The Hoodoogang is a Belgian blues band founded in the end of 2002 and well known in the best Benelux blues venues. In a little bit more than two years they have already produced and published three full CD’s, containing only original compositions: Busted Sessions (2004), Go Ahead ‘n’ Scratch! (2005) and Hoodoo Deluxe (2006). These are combined with their own versions of other blues classics, like BB King or Stevie Ray Vaughan, during their powerful live shows.


Busted Session (2004)
Go Ahead 'n Scratch (2005)
Hoodoo Deluxe (2006)

Set List

we usually do 2 sets of 1 hour.
70% are own songs,30% covers.
Covers of Tommy Castro, BB King, SRV etc