The Horde and the Harem

The Horde and the Harem

 Seattle, Washington, USA

The Horde and the Harem isan indie/folk/pop collective from Seattle. We ride bikes, drink beer, kiss your face, and make you dance!


The Horde and the Harem is a collective of musicians from across the country who have all gravitated towards the mystique of the lush Pacific Northwest. Ryan Barber, the founding member, started the project in 2009 as a way to record songs that had been lingering from previous bands that never quite fit those acts. Pulling together other Seattle transplants and West Coast natives, the band formed and self-released their debut EP Rodent Clatter. Following that up with the Harvest EP, they toured relentlessly and gained momentum along the way. KEXP soon put their music into rotation which then landed the band spots at festivals such as Bumbershoot, Capitol Hill Block Party and Northwest Folklife.

In 2012, the band released their debut full-length A Long Midwinter to critical acclaim and more long days on the road touring behind it. Throughout the years, the lineup has changed but some things remain a constant devotion to their craft as musicians and a lust for creation. This craft and creation has put the Horde back into the studio to work on their latest album. Recording has wrapped up and the upcoming album will be released April 2014.


Gold Rush

Written By: The Horde and the Harem

Don't say that you never felt the gold rush.
Don't say that you never felt your heart burst.

I climbed through sand and mud and wind,
I got so lost that I fell in.
I found this treasure of my own,
I worked my fingers to the bone.


Written By: The Horde and the Harem

Darlin, you had the notion
to walk westward, to the ocean.

Follow, close behind
all of them street dogs, lost their minds.
For when the wind does blow,
make yourself at home.
We can make this better for a moment.

Darlin, you had the notion
to walk westward, to the ocean.
Darlin, lead us to the lighthouse,
your feet touch the sand.
Lying in the harms of such a wonderful friend.
I'm waiting.

Steady Hands

Written By: The Horde and the Harem

The lies that I've learned were never spoken.
Saved some bread for you.

Call us the fortunate
sons and daughters, youth.
Saved some bread for you.

It was all that we could do.

If I find my steady hands,
I'll build this boat that we can sail in
along the shattered coast.
What I loved the most was how
you're sleeping there, the colors
of your golden hair.

Carry a hatchet, cut the walls that speak.
Save some bread for me.
Go on tell your shallow lies.
Go on Waltz into the night.
Go on leave me far behind.
You treat my love like a petty crime.

I've got mine, deep inside.
You can weep incessantly
for a love that couldn't be,
you and me.


Written By: The Horde and the Harem

I was making wishes in the parking lot,
daddy said he'd listen but he then forgot.
Little did we know that they could be
so far down in the open sea.

Mama's on safari with a heard of giraffes.
Headed for Japan, never comin back.
Papa's all alone, then he just laughs.
A head so cold in a house full of hats.

Left behind like an encased rose,
eggshells and glass still cut my toes.
I can't breath in this toxic house
and I can't live as quiet as a mouse.

Tell me the story of your family life
husband wearing hats, petite little wife.
I'll paint you paint you a picture for your Christmas tree
See you next year, as happy as can be.

I promise you...

I was making wishes in the parking lot,
ten years gone, ten years sought.
Hand in hand we can plant this tree,
without its roots, it will never be.

Days When We Were Parched

Written By: The Horde and the Harem

Days when we were parched we called for rain.
When the rain came it was never the same.
You were just a girl with an eye for gentlemen.
Climb into my arms, let the rains wash our sins.

I would surely drown if you could swim.
Carrying the weight of all your kin.
I was swept away by your ever endless tide.
Drowning in the ocean by your side.

I was slowly drowning in your love.
Try to stay affloat its too tough.
For when it rains,
this wild heart can't be tamed.

Oh my my! We're so cold.

Winter's here again the skies are grey,
billowing the clouds of yesterday.
Remeber when our throats were parched
and we were filled with thirst?

Then the rains came, and brought the curse.

There were days when we were parched.
You can't tame this wild heart.
When the rains came.


A Long Midwinter - February 2012

Light Rail Sessions EP - July 2011

Harvest EP - August 2010

Rodent Clatter EP - 2009

Set List

The Horde and the Harem has a lot of material and can offer sets of varying lengths. They are a 5-piece group and can cater to any occasion, including soft acoustic, bar shows, festivals, and corporate parties. The band features four-part harmonies, composed instrumental lines, and catchy hooks.