Host is a blend of melodic pop and noise. Talking Heads meets the Pixies.


Allan Pichardo, Drey Perez and Aldo Melo went to high school together in Hialeah, FL, a small city in the Northwest of Miami-Dade County. There, they experimented with several projects ranging from post-punk to trip hop, acid jazz and pop. After spending several years appart, Drey, Allan and Aldo reunited in Seattle in 2005 and decided to continue playing music. Host was born. A culmination of all the interests and influences from Aldo's, Drey's and Allan's past. Host's sound stems from the improvisational tradition of jazz music. However, Host's music is not jazz; it is free-flowing, rocking, melodic, rhythmic, disparate pop.


node 001 (Single)

Set List

-Sensation Grow
-Start Over
-Answer Machines
-Long Time
-8th Street
-Yo no se
-Marca de Mano
-Dos Caras
-Three-headed Hipster F***fest

-Naive Melody (Talking Heads)
-Company Calls Epilogue (Death Cab for Cutie)

Set length: 45 to 80 minutes