The Hosts

The Hosts


We sound like a faux rock band at a swingin' cocktail party on some episode of "I Dream of Jeanie." 60s-influenced modern psychedelic garage pop.


With its genesis in Friday night intoxicant-fueled sing-alongs in Greg and Melissa Host’s living room, The Hosts have grown into a nearly-unique 5 piece outfit who have been schizophrenically accredited with concocting ’60s-influenced psychedelic indie garage pop with a touch of folk and surf,’ or more succinctly, ‘jangle pop.’

"We sound like a faux rock band playing at a cocktail party in some episode of 'I Dream of Jeanie',” explains principal songwriter and rhythm guitarist Greg B. Host. Combining jangly guitars, soaring male/female harmonies, modern electronic psychedelia, and marital angst, The Hosts are attempting to put their own spin on the 'Detroit sound.'

Greg’s simple melodies, love of 60s pop culture and tortured confessional poetry coupled with Melissa’s lyrical kick and sweet yet rough vocals have been impressing listeners both live and in cyber land since nearly the turn of the century.

First to join Greg and Melissa in The Hosts is Detroit drummer and scenester Jim Faulkner, whose impressive credits include stints with The Happy Accidents, Goober & the Peas, Strange Bedfellows, Cinecyde, The Volebeats and most recently, The Winonas.

Joining The Hosts on bass on their debut album is Greg’s former band mate, Domingo, an accomplished performer who has shared stages with some of Detroit’s most notable rock musicians. Domingo left The Hosts to devote his attention full time to his own Flamenco jazz/rock outfit, Domingo, as Greg left that band as keyboardist in order to devote full time to The Hosts.

The Hosts have recently welcomed bassist and phrenologist, Dr. Noel Collins Porter, Jr. who has played in bands in Oregon, Texas, Ohio and elsewhere. His most notable stint was as principal bassist in Elliot Smith’s Portland band, Heatmiser, using an un-assumed name.

Another Host departee, know mysteriously only as Art W. H. or Archer X, adds brilliant and meticulous lead guitar to the debut CD, as well as some keyboard, bass and his home-built Theremin. Art has appeared in bands separately on bass, keyboard, and lead guitar including bass for hippie band Resurgence and lead guitar with alternative rockers Xena Pritchard.

Recently joined by Jim's old band mate from The Winonas and The Happy accidents, Paul Einhaus Jr., is an accomplished guitarist and talented solo-artist as well. Paul will tell you to your face that he was raised by wolves and did not utter a human word until the age of 12. He claims that he turned down a lucrative offer with Night Ranger in order to join The Hosts, and for that, they are proud. For now The Hosts can claim that they are finally embarking on their wayward journey into Detroit world pop iconography


Stripper Girl

Written By: Greg B. Host

It’s the perfect bod
And her perfume sweet
Her hair of russet kept
Moving to the beat

Well she wore a thong
And a bustier
Her legs extremely long
How does she move that way?

And each step she takes she erases
The emptiness more

So she moveses downstairs
Her beauty heaven sent
She draws a dozen stares
It is her nourishment

And she looks my way…
Does she see money?
Or could this be real
Do you think she noticed me?

And did I notice her in the way that she needs to be known?

Well I found the words
That I couldn’t say
To another girl
Just the other day

Then she took my dough
And she walked away
Towards another shill
To increase her pay

Because she’s making me feel like I never should ever go home

And she goes to sleep
Where the angels lay
Cause she works all night
And she dreams all day

So she bums a smoke
And she gets free drinks
But the dope ain’t free
And her apartment stinks

All her troubles come double
Her psychology comes for free

As I head for home
Still to tip the man
Once again alone
She’s in some purple van

And each of them said they had never felt this way before


LP: "The Hosts" May 2008

Set List

We have about a 35 minute set currently. 6 Originals and 1 cover song. We have added 4 more songs and a cover since the first sentence was entered, but we still do about a 35-40 minute set.