The band was originally established in 1999 with 5 members to perform in high school festival. In the course of time, the band reshaped to its current form with 3 members. In the same year, they receive 2nd place in Teen?fs Music Festival Eastern Division and by the following year, they received the grand prize during highly competitive Umeda Heat Beat Super Audition. For the next 4 years, they spent every weekend on the streets of their home town, Kobe and the adjacent cities for live performances. By the time they issued an independent release single, IT?fS OVER, they sold out over 2000 copies from just through the word of a mouth. In January of 2005, the members move to Tokyo with even greater ambition. By June, they appeared on ONE AIR BATTLE on NHK network and received recognition from both broad audience and press coverage. Meanwhile, the band released their first album VISION, and successfully completed their first Japan Tour in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. Their music video was played constantly on the regular routine on satellite network Sky Perfect TV, and the members became the radio personalities on Inter FM (76.1Mhz) in 2006. Their highly anticipated 2nd album will be released in the summer of 2007.


6/2002 Mini Album Nothing is beyond you
7/2004 single IT?fS OVER
11/2005 Album VISION

8/2003 "Subarashii Yoru" video aired as regular routine on Sky PerfecTV

2/2004 "Subarashii Yoru" available as mobile tone from NTT Docomo

4/2006 "vibration" aired on Sky PerfecTV on the regular routine

Set List

1. 1(Ichi)
2. Go
3. It?fs over
4. vibration
6. I don?ft know
7. Passion