the hotdamns

the hotdamns


We are an Americana band, influenced by the heroes and heroines of Classic Country, as well as the heavyweights of rock and pop songcraft. Equally at home in redneck bars and indie clubs, the Hotdamns play their hearts out and asses off with great male/female vocal interplay and harmonies.


"Full of the drama and majesty that recalls the best of Roy Orbison."
- Brick Weekly

Channeling the classic heroes and heroines of country with a rock and roll
swagger, the Hotdamns have crafted themselves into a vibrant Americana band.
Their debut EP, Vanquished was recorded by John Morand at Sound of Music (Cracker, Lucero, Sparklehorse, Jason Molina) in their hometown of Richmond, VA. The male / female vocal interplay mingling within warm, Western harmonies is akin to early Whiskeytown or maybe even the New Pornographers, since Danielle Ahart's vocals inspire memories of Neko Case's best moments. It's back porch songcraft at its finest. Now a five piece, the Hotdamns bring their sound to audiences all over the South, Midwest, and East Coast.



Written By: Jay Lindsey

i've tried so hard
and i failed
fought to move on
to no avail
i'd bet my life
and i'd be wrong
i am vanquished
you have won

when i wake up
i dream of sleep
but when i'm sleeping
i hate my dreams
sun is setting
i've yet to rise
i am vanquished
you have won

i love my friends
more than life
and i've watched them
as they drown
i can't save them
too far from shore
i am vanquished
you have won

i've scrubbed tile
on bruised knees
choked on bleach fumes
burned my arm
still the grocer
stares me down
i am vanquished
you have won

the fall from heaven
isn't far
and the landing
doesn't hurt
but it's cold here
and it's dark
i am vanquished
you have won


Vanquished EP

Set List

The Hotdamns’ setlist (approx. 90 minutes):
Oh! Sweet Guilt Trip (Lindsey)
Mr. Williams (Hughes)
Small Creature (Ahart/ Lindsey)
Walk (Lindsey)
Heads Down, Bottom’s Up (Hughes)
Yankee by Birth, Southern at Heart (Ahart)
Vanquished (Lindsey)
Drive (Lindsey)
Gina Lynn (Lindsey)
Mary Brown (Hughes)
No Hell in Heaven (Lindsey)
Poor Laurie (Ahart)
The Preacher Song (Hughes, Lindsey)
Cigarettes (Hughes, Lindsey)
Better Half (Hughes)
Yes I Do (But Not with You) (Hughes, Lindsey)
She’s Got You (made famous by Patsy Cline)
Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone (Carter Family)
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright (Dylan)

Venues Played:
The Hollywood Grill (Richmond)
The Nanci Raygun (Richmond)
Poe’s Pub (Richmond)
Gallery 5 (Richmond)
Alley Katz (Richmond)
Café Diem (Richmond)
Acapella (Richmond)
Wonderland (Richmond)
Kulture’s (Raleigh, NC)
Private Party (Raleigh, NC)
The Leigh Street Werehouse (Richmond, VA)
Colonial Inn (Fredericksburg, VA)