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The Hot Meals


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"The Hot Meals"

"It's a little hard to pin down a band like The Hot Meals. Their songs cross so many styles of music that, at times they become a happy sonic blur. Peel back the layers and you can hear influences as different as Jimi Hendrix, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bob Marley, Parliament-Funkadelic and fusion-era Miles Davis. The only real constant is the lyrics, equal parts Frank Zappa and Adam Sandler, and all written about food." - Go! Magazine

"The Hot Meals"

"With songs like "Steak Gravy" and "Pulled Pork", it's hard not to have a smile on your face while listening. Don't worry, not even the often-goofy subject matter of their songs can keep you from enjoying the clean-cut, soulful music these guys produce. They very tastefully blend together elements of funk, reggae, blues, Jazz, hip hop and rock to form a sound they like to call "Progressive Greasiness". Sounds good!" - The Hard Times Magazine

"Tonights Special: The Hot Meals"

The ten tracks from their new album "God Bless You" offer a cornucopia of funk,rock, and blues with tales of life in the kitchen and on the streets. With Song titles Like "Steak Gravy," "Pulled Pork," and "Midnight Snack," The Hot Meals deliver a smorgasbord of tunes that will satisfy even the most ravenous appetite. They even manage to shout-out a few of their friends in the songs "Estes (Where You At?" and "I'm With Country" - Delmarva Crossroads


"God Bless You"



Hailing from Salisbury, Maryland, The Hot Meals are a funky mix of many types of music. This band shifts its sound effortlessly between the genres of reggae, blues, rock, hip hop, funk, soul, and electronica. In addition to the band’s progressive style, it’s known for varied choices in cover songs, comedic banter, musical improvisation, and bizarre, danceable originals —all aimed to entertain a variety of audiences.