The Hot Moonbeams

The Hot Moonbeams


Guitar driven powerpop and rock n' roll influenced by Big Star, Pavement, and The Replacements.


The Hot Moonbeams, in their human and most primitive form, are a rock n’ roll outfit consisting of Dan Edwards, David Kandal, and Nick and Tim Ubels. Based in Langley, these four entities began playing music together around the twentieth anniversary of their arrival on Earth, and consequent manifestation of the aforementioned individuals. Dan, David and Nick wear each other’s guitars, while Tim seems pretty dead set on playing drums. The Beams, as they once might have been lovingly referred to as, play a number of tunes, ranging from Rock/Pop to Pop/Rock, and even the tempestuous mistress known as Alternative Rock.

As The HMB’s (which would look great on a T-shirt) begin to get out more in order to study the complex nature of Earth culture, they have found themselves starting to partake more and more in that time honored humanoid tradition known as ‘The Concert.’ Keep an eye to the sky to see where The Hot Moonbeams will land next!

The Hot Moonbeams plan to release their debut 8-song EP, The Hot Moonbeams Break Even, in spring 2010 on Friendly Sky Records.


We're the Hot Moonbeams

Written By: Dan Edwards

We're the hottest moonbeams that you'll ever see
We come from space and it took us a while to get here

We look like ghosts
We feed on light
All of us evil
But we're a delight

No Moore Kane

Written By: Dan Edwards

Walked inside with the killing joke
Breathing air like he was breathin' smoke
The city is dark, but the shadows are light
Walking you home I feel okay, alright

I'm tying up my shoelace
I'm tying my shoes
And I'm standing in the streetlight
Reenacting the ones, forgetting the twos

It's not a marvel, it's just a man
I don't him if I got your hand
It tears me apart, yeah it tears me in two
Both of my faces are looking at you

I could go for evil, I could go for good
I don't read the papers, but I think I should
Where you goin'? 'cause it's been
Fine for years and years

We left the room with the killing joke
We didn't laugh, but we didn't choke

I'm tying up my shoelace
I'm tying me shoes
And I'm standing in the streetlight
Reenacting the ones, forgetting the twos

Where you goin' it's gonna be
Dark for years and years

Silver & Sin

Written By: Nick & Tim Ubels

On Cinnibar Island there did dwell
A man we did not know all that well
The villagers said that he was likely a teen
A prince's son, not even seventeen

I came to this foggy place alone
Past a sailor's inn and straight on down the shoal

In the misty forest where the woodland creatures stalk and steal
You know he had to fight for all his meals
With blood on his fingers and dirt in his hair
He's livin' out the life of a Cinnibarian King

I come from a land of shirttail kin
An eye for piracy in that court of silver & sin

Yucca Flats

Written By: Dan Edwards & David Kandal

I took the rocket, took it straight to Japan
And I bought a Samurai sword
I started shakin’, left for outer space
When the rising sun it roared

It’s a mindless drone
And nobody’s home on your telephone
Talk me some trash, give me some cash

Break even on a Sunday strange
And I comb back your hair
Pick the locks and drop us a silver dime
Felt the traffic lose hope

Out on the seven seas
I’m shakin’ my knees looking for greener trees
Leaving today, it's so far away

I got lost, cut the ocean in half
When I’m out lookin’ for gold
It’s just a planet; yeah, it’s just a star
But there’s nothin’ better than that

Well, all I am is cobwebs and dial tones
I'm standing on a fence, would you leave it alone?
You're countin' down the days Making dollars or not
I'm shiverin’ alone
In a parking lot
So you can find me here

Botany Bay

Written By: Dan Edwards

Wakin' up on a Sunday
Looking out for the sun
Keep what you keep and talking
I'll get what I get done

But it hits like a snow
Falling from another town
Drivin' past the alleyways you take

Some of the time it thrills me
To see the dead roam the earth
But how things are getting older
I can't see what it's worth

So I bend like a bow
The arrows never made much sense
Spent my money on a golden fleece

Here it goes
Closing the doors, walking the streets
Tie them up in the summer sun
Walkin' fast

Now it hits like a storm
Brewin' up on the coast
Don't turn it back 'til I'm gone

At the Movies

Written By: Nick Ubels

Slippin' past the ticket queue
Shooting for the latest reel
Duck into the screening room
Just looking for a new appeal

Catch the projector light in your eyes
Fumble for an empty row
Hidin' out and layin' low
At the late show

Whatever you want from me
Take it 27 times or more
You kiss like Gloria Greene
And bite into an apple core

Sittin' in the back for the feature film
Pickin' on production flukes
Pickin' at the piece of gum
You stole from the vending booth

I can see the pale blue cinema light in your eyes
Glowin' like a midnight snow
Hidin' out and layin' low
At the late show

Whatever you want from me
Take it 27 times or more
You kiss like Gloria Greene
And bite into an apple core

Whatever you want from me
Take it 37 times or more
You kiss like Gloria Greene
And leave me dead on the floor

Soldier of Fortune

Written By: Nick Ubels

Lackadaisical sunshine loan
Jetstream to rest my bones
Rattle snake swimming by the sandstone
Red River gonna take me home

But I pass out in the back of a cab
Winding down the 359
I spy an eagle, I spy the sky
Force-fed glistening sunbeam in my eye
The radio plays a classical station
From somewhere in Santa Cruz
And all across this desert land
I come lookin' for you

And it's you that I'm lookin' for
And it's you that I need
And it's you that I'm looking for
And it's you that I need

'Cause I'm a soldier of fortune
But I'm weak at the knees
Just say you'll recieve me
I'll do what you please

Mont Royal

Written By: Dan Edwards

Back with rigid teeth, standing on the beach I can't be found
Found a haunted house to stay but you've got my coat
Follow you through the streets that I don't know
Step through the cars on Parc Avenue

Feet, they turn to thieves. Got no one to please, like I know how
Wind is shaking down the leaves but I can't see
Kids are playing cards inside, even me
Tied to the things I'll never do

Well its about time you go outside (4x)

Twin Cities! Twin Cities!

Written By: Dan Edwards

Walk all the way to Minnesota
Shakin' off the years
Leave the cash in the car

Now on the rock of Gibraltar
My feelings start to alter, falter
Broken trusted, friends corrupted
Fallin' to waste

I'm under the sea in a shipwrecked soul
Sinkin' and by this time
My lungs were achin' for air
But I could, I wanted to stay

Fallin' asleep in Minnesota
Kickin' down the doors
Leave the news to be cast

Back on the three hills of Giza
I'm trying hard to please her, seize her
Ancient ghosts and comatose
I can't hardly wait

Some of the days come back too soon
Not that it matters much
3000 silhouettes
But I knew I could not stay


Written By: David Kandal

This must be how it feels
It's an all inclusive resort
I can't stand it all at once
Somehow stranger
Finding it foreign
Bad guitars and keyed up car
Summer's done
This must be how it feels



The Halloween Suite --- CD Single (2009)
The Hot Moonbeams Break Even (Spring 2010)

Set List

The Hot Moonbeams can perform sets ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Here's a list of the songs we can play:

At the Movies
Belgrave Hall (Halloween)
Botany Bay
Bottle Rocket
Caldwell Lake (Halloween)
Cape Canaveral
Dracula vs. Van Helsing vs. The Hot Moonbeams (Halloween)
For a Starry Season
Highway Schematics
Gold Rush
Looking Glass Curtain
Martyrs of Swing
Mont Royal
No Moore Kane
Pecan Tree
Silver & Sin
Soldier of Fortune
The Crush
The Not Too Distant Future
Three Stops from Fergo
Twin Cities! Twin Cities!
Well Well Well
We're the Hot Moonbeams
You May be a Lover (But I'll Leave You Lonely)
Yucca Flats

1 000 000 000 Kisses - Half Japanese
At & T - Pavement
California Sun - The Ramones
Can't Hardly Wait - The Replacements
Confidential - The Modernettes
Crazy Rhythms - The Feelies
Friction - Television
Heart of the City - Nick Lowe
Here She Comes Now - The Velvet Underground
Hey Little Child - Ale